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Here at Speedy CPPSHQ, we like to be innovative with the ideas behind the content we bring you. So we’re like to keep the ball rolling, and bring you a brand new feature to the blog, which hasn’t been attempted before which revolves around feedback.

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We all love feedback here at Speedy CPPSHQ. Feedback is the key thing that helps you improve from aspects which you might be lacking, or things you might be doing wrong or can improve on. Now you might be wondering why I’m excessively falling in a deep love with Feedback, which is understandable. I’m here to introduce you all to our brand new friend called “Your Say”!

What is ‘Your Say’ you may ask?

That’s a well thought of question! In simple terms, we are living to the goals of Speedy CPPSHQ becoming the voice of the CPPS community, and what is better than getting the community to be incorporated into the mix. Your say will be all about community feedback (ha there is that majestic word again!). We will seek out certain users CPPS-wide and hit them where it’s useful, by providing them a set number of questions to answer for us, which will be projected into a blog post. These questions will heavily be base of general feedback they have on the current CPPS they are on.

How will ‘Your Say’ work, exactly?

This took some planning and assessment, but we  have worked out a very easy method. We have created a locked page for every single CPPS, which will be password protected to ensure complete privacy, and condense all answers we receive from the ones we want. A Speedy CPPSHQ author will visit a CPPS, and seek out TWO  users who are willing to complete a short feedback form. They will receive both the URL and the PASSWORD for the page, and they will be able to see the set instructions and questions, and are required to comment on the page with their answers to the questions.

What will happen to the information received?

All comments will be processed, and turned into a Your Say: CPPS post, which will feature on the blog. We will also feature the usernames of the individuals who provided us with the feedback along with a picture of their penguin on the CPPS. We will also post all comments word-for-word (if age appropriate) and not edit or alter the responses in any way, shape or form, to keep true to our responses.

How do I get selected to take part in this?

All we can assure you is lookout for one of our authors on a CPPS, if they are looking for some individuals to take part in this new service, put your name forward!

This new innovative project will occur randomly, and the same CPPS cannot be re-taken until a two week time period has ended.

Your involvement in this is key for it to work, so don’t be shy in getting involved, as this is a community-based project. This is fresh off our idea panel, as the team was only briefed of this a few hours ago! Speedy CPPSHQ is here, to stay fresh with new innovative ideas, and we have many more to come!

Have any Feedback? (see I said that magic word again) Let us know in the comments!




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