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To address the pink elephant in the room, It’s 2018, and not much has changed. We’re still slow on news and have a very vacant blog. The future of Speedy CPPSHQ is still undisclosed, but we want to focus on the now, and that is improvements. We admit, we’ve let you down in 2017. The year started so strong, but the fallback of administration, authors, and other commitments have pushed Speedy CPPSHQ to the curb. The site was decreasing in health, from the lack of posts, to where there were posts but were in very poor form. That is not the standard we’ve ever striven for. There were many things beyond our control, but it seemed like care wasn’t a factor anymore, and that in all shaped Speedy CPPSHQ to head for disaster.

2018 is all about recovery. We want to recover what is currently breaking, and shape new paths for the future of the website. The flame is still lit, but burning ever so dull, as the passion of bringing you the latest CPPS news, is shapeshifting away. But it is time, to take full control of the reins, and push into the new year with a fighting spirit.

We are hoping to enforce changes, oh so slowly and steadily to the liking of our readers. Please be patient with us, we’re working in the dark to hopefully give Speedy CPPSHQ one last lift, before it crashes to the ground.

Happy New Year.


Walking into the 6th year of Speedy CPPSHQ, we’re aging. But it’s time to keep you in the loop of some news you may have missed within the last few weeks.

Thank you to the lovely readers who have been leaving comments on our CPPS List. We’ve been reading your comments and acknowledging them. With that being said, our CPPS List has been updated thanks to your help.

We won’t go into a large amount of detail, but check out the following servers:


A CPPS for the French community has finally arrived!


An AS3 CPPS (currently in beta), to keep you online for hours!


Multi-language support is their thing, along with your classic CPPS features.


A storm is brewing… Although in Spanish, packs some lightning!


It’s back. Has a mixed reputation, but can that be changed in 2018?

While on the same tune as new CPPS comebacks, there’s one that’s been brewing for some time. That is CPPS.one. The CPPS that first greeted us in 2015, is on its way back to the community. Will the new comeback be a hit or a miss? There’s only one way to find out. The server is currently in private beta, but you could land yourself with an exclusive beta key, by heading to their discord.

Penguin Oasis has been busy dropping a new update for the new year. This update features a brand new website on a fancy new domain. The update is filled with little goodies, including a redesigned support network, a brand new PM system (including YouTube & Spotify embeds – check them out) and group chats for up to 10 people. The update also brings in a cool new kik option where you can subscribe to alerts & security alerts, view online friends, get PM notifications, and even reset your password via the Kik app. Speaking of passwords, the reset password option is now LIVE! Oh, and before you forget again, these new features can only be accessed to test via the new penguinoasis.com domain.

Club Penguin 3D are dropping more sneak previews of their upcoming launch, with some stunning screenshots of their pre-alpha stage, giving everyone a feel on how the game is going to work. View the sneak preview via this tweet. The 3D CPPS is edging closer to its release, later this year.

CP Reborn pushes out a new update, which includes a new easter egg being added to the game, stability improvements which includes the webserver + gameserver. The hunt is now on with a brand new pin being added to the game along with a new Penguin Style Catalog & Furniture/Igloo catalog to keep you & your igloo in style! Card Jitsu bug fixes have also been pushed out, along with most Card Jitsu stamps! The update also includes new loot in both common & enhanced loot chests, a new play at the stage, a new community poll & an in-game teaser for the next mini-event.

We hope that wrapped things up neatly for a late Christmas present. Apologies in advance for any downtime we may have over the next few weeks, we’ll be shifting things around front-end and back-end and it may affect our site performance. We will, of course, limit this as much as possible and perform planned maintenance at off-peak hours whenever necessary. It is recommended you do join our Discord Server to stay tuned for announcements or follow us on Twitter.

Thanks for sticking with us,




  • Please,speedycppshq,i’m watching your blog since when it was released but i never commented before but now i think it’s time to tell you what’s on my mind right now:
    I really likeD what you post and it’s very interesting finding out new cpps’es but you guys are posting way too less. i think 2017 was the most boring year because there were not much new posts and the quality of the posts was also pretty low .
    A few years ago you guys were the best,good informative posts with new cpps discoveries and in general i felt that more quality was put in the posts but in 2017 i was dissapointed.This is not the speedycppshq i want and i hope you guys can change this in 2018.
    Good Luck and i hope that speedycppshq will make a huge comeback in 2018 and it will blow everyone’s minds like in the past years 🙂

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