New Server – MystCP


This past weekend, Lynx (previously known as iNeil) announced that he is releasing a new server called “MystCP”. Not to be confused with the MystCP ran by Chai and 2Way years ago, Lynx has decided to bring it back with more features to offer.

MystCP is noted to be a combination of two Club Penguin Private Servers: Terminal Decoded and Frosty. Lynx has provided detail that MystCP will not have VIP, but grant full feature access to every user. However, there will be an optional donation page for interested penguins.

Features included on MystCP are:

  • Party switcher
  • Nameglow/color
  • Playercard hue
  • Transformations
  • Penguin size, blend, alpha, and rotate
  • Chat glow
  • Bubble glow, color, text
  • Hover over items on playercard that hint the item ID
  • Walk on walls
  • Snowball glow
  • Penguin glow
  • Custom penguin color hue
  • Ring color
  • Penguin speed

User Profile
User Profiles

In-game manager
In-game manager

Playercard hue
Playercard hue

The MystCP beta launches Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 10:30AM EST (8PM Indian Standard Time) and everyone is invited to pick up the beta hat!

Register now by visiting http://MystCP.pw!

See you there!



    • The original mystCP was one of the most original servers that existed before it. Although penguin size changing had been done once before the original mystCP, no one had perfected it. mystCP was also the first to do name glow, marriages, status on the player card, had uncontrolled access to the bot, was the first to do totally custom rooms.
      mystCP also used SHA1 hashing with salt based encryption – something never done before (and probably not since).

      • Hey man! Nice to see you’re still around the community, do you have a Skype account? If so, kindly contact me – my username is: xllynx:

  • For anyone wondering whats going on in MystCP right now, just two days after we released Beta, our server got terminated by ovh for no proper reason, they claimed that we did not pay them but we did and we even sent them proof on all of the transactions but they choose to ignore us and eventually we lost our vps including all our data, luckily we did have a backup of certain things. However we doubt ovh would do all that, myself and Shawn suspect the other Admin of terminating the server because it was under his account, so we decided to fire him and bought ourselves a new server so hopefully we should be re-releasing Beta again soon once things are setup properly. There’s now a new template, we have gotten rid of certain pages and the register will now be in the play page itself – something that hasnt been done in the AS2 Cpps category. More parties and new features to be expected as well.

      • Hi there! It seems like the server has been placed right back into its beta stages, so unfortunately only a select few currently have access to test the server. We will keep you posted on public release!