New Fabulous FrostPengu Features

Hey everyone,

Exciting news coming from the CPPS server FrostPengu, FrostPengu is excited to announce there in game radio. Yes you heard right, a radio that plays the latest musical genres. Access to this feature can be worked by saying the command !radio then it pops up and you are ready to go.

Another fabulous feature is the BFF and Marry command. Now I know there are some penguin couples out there that want to tie the knot, now you can. Simply just say !marry and followed by their username or if it’s a best friend use !bff and followed by their username again. If overtime your husband or wife to be is no more and has moved on then say !unmarry or !unbff. Simple commands and fun tunes make both these features enjoyed by all FrostPengu enthusiasts.

Do you like to party? I sure do! Let’s go on to the next feature. Guys, remember all those unique parties that CP had back in the day? Well, now that dream can come true, introducing the Party Switcher! For example, say the command !party Musicjam11 then it switches to the Music Jam Party from 2011.

Last but not the least, the most important important features I will talk about is the Report command. If you feel like someone is bullying you or passing on racist remarks, just say !report and followed by their username and your report will be submitted to the staff team for review.


Well my fellow Speedy Readers that is all for now, stay tuned for my next post — until then bye for now.

~ Hess

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