New CPPS – Vintage Penguin – Everything you need to know!

Hey everyone,

A new CPPS has released, Vintage Penguin!

Since this is a new CPPS, I’ve gotten in contact with one of the owners, Itay, so that I could inquire what users could come to expect from Vintage Penguin, this is the answer he gave me:

“All of the CPPS is vintage, like the good old days of 2005-2007, when Rocketsnail was the owner. We have custom story lines and custom parties. (Of course with the old artwork style!)”

Well, we’ve seen a lot of “Vintage” CPPSes but how far does VP go to enforce that? I’ll let you be the judge. After gathering information on VP I’ve found out the following:

  • No Commands or Custom features. (!AI, !clone, name glow, etc). With commands and custom features being a staple of CPPSes this is definitely a rare occurrence.

  • Items are only obtainable via coins and parties. Just like normal Club Penguin, play games to earn coins and visit parties to find items exclusive to those events.

  • Updating catalogs! Have a favorite item that isn’t in the catalog? Keep checking back as the catalogs update monthly! You can expect to find items from the 2005 – 2008 era of Club Penguin.

  • Mascots visit the island! From time to time you can catch a mascot online! Generally, they’re only found online with their corresponding parties but occasionally you’ll see a mascot on without their party, if you see one, make sure to grab their background!

  • Old parties! Something great about VP is that they’re committed to updating the island with old parties.

  • Need help? All staff members names are colored red so that they are easy to identify.

  • Multiplayer games on the way! While currently not working, I’ve been told that multiplayer games such as sled race and find four are in the process of being added.

  • Last but not least, old rooms! These definitely bring back memories!

So what do you think of Vintage Penguin? I definitely recommend you check it out as this CPPS has a lot of potential (And nostalgia!)




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