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Bonjour tout le monde!

Aujourd’hui je vais vous montrer-

..Ok let’s give up the french! I’m here to introduce you all to a brand new foreign server, which is purely French-based.


Welcome to StarPenguin! We haven’t come across a non-English server in quite some time, and it’s finally time to break free with a French server. StarPenguin has been development for quite some time, and is finally ready to make it’s public debut. Let’s take you through some of the features this CPPS has to offer.

Now it took me a while to navigate where the register is located, as my French is not up to date, but after a few minutes of searching it revealed itself!


The register is based off the newer style register format, with everything translated in French, and as like most servers, it does not require email activation.

Finally after registering, you will be greeted with a Custom login page, server list & loader, which have all match the same theme. This interesting approach has questioned designers, but it seems like this server has a different edge to it.

Server List
Server List

When you finally spawn in, the difference is noticeable. This server sure has played with different aspects and customized it to fit their desires, with many differences compared to a standard server along with some new additions.

sp 1

Some obvious differences are the positioning of certain features, such as the newspaper, dock, postcards and map, which have been set into new positions. With these differences, the in-game settings & chat logs have been removed so it may be harder to keep track of conversations! You may also notice a grey arrow in the top left corner, which its purpose is to take you back to the previous room you visited, which is a very handy tool.

Playercards have also been given enhancement, giving penguins moods a much needed face-lift, along with the recoloring the playercard to a more friendlier blue. You may also notice all usernames are in italics, again to match the custom aspect of the server.

StarPenguin also offers a short variety of custom emotes included in their main package, such as the sleeping emote featured below:

custom emotes

The custom aspect has not been lost, with many rooms been given a custom edge to them, which is carried throughout the whole CPPS, making this one of the only French CPPS’ to achieve this custom capability.

The coffee shop with a custom edge.

Another thing you may notice with this CPPS, is that it has no bot. Although, the basic commands can still be accessed and orange-pop’s will replace the bot’s voice. The CPPS also has a working newspaper which has been customized to display StarPenguin news.


You may also notice the StarPenguin icon in the top right corner of the screen. This icon features the locations of all mascots around the island, if you visit them all you will be rewarded with a free custom StarPenguin T-Shirt!

custom shirt

Finally, once logged in, don’t forget to pickup the limited edition custom Beta Hat! The hat will only be available for a short amount of time, which is hidden behind the o-berry bushes in the town. Although, this has strangely reminds us of a traffic cone..

beta hat

Although this server is a French CPPS, it welcomes all languages, although it may be hard to work out some of the translations. The French community is encouraged to checkout the server specifically designed for you!

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  • Salut !

    Merci beaucoup d’avoir posté un article sur StarPenguin ! Toute l’équipe est ravi !

    En bientôt, il y aura encore plus de nouvelles choses (commandes, salles, vêtements,…) après cette Fête Bêta Test ! Nous espérons que vous reviendrez bientôt ! ;-D

    -L’Équipe StarPenguin.


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