New CPPS: PookieCP

Hi guys,

CPPSes are about to change forever, with the introduction of this revolutionary new CPPS. Introducing.. PookieCP!

PookieCP is exactly what is sounds like.. a home for the Club Penguin & CPPS pookies! No more facing discrimination if you are a pookie.. this is a safe, fun and hospitable environment.

This server resembles its name quite well, founded only days ago by Sloof & Lirpa. The server is entirely based around one goal, and that is to protect the pookies of Club Penguin. Here is one of the owners, Sloof told us when interviewed:

Here at PookieCP, we understand how hard it is for a pookie to be themselves on a CPPS. We’ve watched the community cast off these poor, innocent pookies over the years, and shoo them into the pet shop. It’s to be free, and different, and we understand that the pookie industy on Club Penguin Private Servers is in high demand, since the closure of Club Penguin. We are strongly committed into making this project a free, secure & safe environment for every single pookie out there! There will be plenty of mumu’s and dada’s on our server – ready to adopt you!

What a bold statement! PookieCP committed to providing the needs of their pookie community, so with that being said.. they have decided to rename every single room to the Pet Shop, as that is those most secure place every pookie knows in their heart. Let’s take a look:

Wow! Loving the colors – along with every room being named the Pet Shop! It’s pookie paradise here!

PookieCP already has a range of features to be discovered, some of those are:

  • Grandpa & Grandma mascots! We know every pookie loves a visit from grandma & grandpa!
  • Nameglow & Bubblecolor.
  • 20 preset pookie styles. !Pookie 1-20. For example: !Pookie 1 will transform you into a pookie’s outfit.
  • Custom Rooms.
  • Custom items. (ID: 9011 – Pacifier, ID: 9012 – Bib, ID: 9013 – Pony, ID: 9014 – “I love mommy” shirt).

And much much more! The other owner Lirpa has exclusively told us that they will be hosting a massive pookie gathering which will kick off right after we publish this post. This exclusive gathering will only accept the first 77 penguins to get onto PookieCP, be fast! (and yes, grandma & grandpa mascots will be visiting – along with a special mascot named aunt baloney).

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Don’t be a fool & miss this exclusive opportunity today!





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