New CPPS: PepperCP

Hey Penguins!

Today, I have exciting news because there’s a new CPPS out and it’s called… PepperCP! PepperCP is a new AS2 CPPS with tons of features. Let’s check them out, shall we?

When you first enter PepperCP, you are welcomed by a wonderful home page.

Home Screen
A nice clean home screen!

Apart from the clean home screen, they have a nice register.

Nice and simple register, excellent!

When you click the play page, you have to be registered. Once registered, you can play. Once clicked, you scroll down to the game and are welcomed by a nice start screen.

Once you click login, you are greeted by the following start screen:

Once you logged in, click the main server. After you logged in, you are greeted by a welcome screen. Go through it and exit out. To customize your game, click on the penguin with the gear. Once clicked, you should come up with this screen:

This screen is where you can change your beak that shows up on your player card, very cool idea! As you can see, there’s a Customize tab. Click on it and this is where you’ll see everything you need to make your game unique. I edited the photo to make it more clear what does what, just in case you need some clarification.

PepperCP also has a ton of commands, which can be found here. PepperCP is a very nice CPPS, and I suggest trying it out! Hope to see you on there!

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