New CPPS: +Penguin

Hey Everybody,

Jennifer here with a new and awesome CPPS! This CPPS goes by the name of +Penguin, owned by Charles & Chris. Today I’ll be showing you their features, working games, and more!

Let’s start off with the basics of everything. In the right hand corner of +Penguin, you have two buttons. One is an envelope, which is used to private message people. To the left of the envelope is a picture of a rainbow puffle. Here’s a picture of what they look like —

Let’s pull up the private messaging system and get a good glimpse at it as well —

No friends? I cry

Looks pretty awesome! I’m going to see what happens when I click on the rainbow puffle —

+Penguin’s moods are really rocking it! They’re all looking truly unique, and I love them! On top of this, +Penguin also has several games which are working, including multiplayer games such as Find Four —

Neat! +Penguin sure has a lot of great things so far.

Moving on once more, here’s what happens when you click the “Edit Player” button —

Tons of options, easy to use, made super simple for everyone! There are also simple commands such as !ai, so things were made very simple to use on +Penguin! No trouble, and I’m certainly enjoying it very much!

Another amazing thing about +Penguin is their BFF and Marry features. It’s self explanatory, and it’s a fun thing to have on this CPPS! Here’s a picture of both BFF and Marry in action on my playercard —

You can have multi-colored names, moods, and so much more! This CPPS has many players, and it is definitely a great one! Don’t miss out on the fun, register today!

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