New CPPS: HackPenguin

Hi guys,

We’ve uncovered a brand new CPPS, which has been created by The Kingpin!

HackPenguin has only just emerged, despite the name, solely runs by the Luna source, which was developed by Lynx. If you are interested in knowing the details of the source, we have you covered:

HackPenguin Project based off “Luna” Perl based CP Emulator by Lynx.
Originally named “Katana”, Luna’s development came to place late 2014.
The Project was then shutdown for a few months and later brought back early 2015 and renamed to ‘Luna’. Luna provides great stability, security and comes packed with features.
Not only is Luna the best AS2 source to exist, but its the only source that has almost everything working. It is also the only source with active development and that was built using only a smartphone.

Sourced From: http://toke.cannacraft.xyz/about.php

Now you’re certainly wondering what this CPPS looks like, and what’s with the interesting name? HackPenguin was simply created because the owner was bored, so he decided to play around with building a CPPS. Although the CPPS may seem new and basic, it has a truckload of free commands to utilize, which range from Glows, to Transformations to even Outfit Saving, along with bringing back the fun with Penguin Size changing commands. If you’re curious in seeing other commands this CPPS offers, you can view the full list, here.

Explore the world in a much larger scale!

You may notice the bot’s name is Mystic. If we flip back, you may remember another CPPS called MystCP, which went down and lost everything, due to their hosting provider suspending them, which they are working to return soon. As Lynx is the creator of the Luna source, both HackPenguin & MystCP are running on the same source, so you may notice a lot of similarities between both servers.

You may also strike nostalgia, where HackPenguin features a ‘Mediator’ rank, which was commonly used in much older CPPS’, but then removed due to the dis-popularity of holding that title. But as shown today, has striked a return. Who knows, it could become a trend again!

HackPenguin has many working features (including igloo editing!), but are still working on fixing bugs and some current broken features. HackPenguin also currently holds a very simple account manager, which allows you to view account information, purchase VIP, change glows, search players & more!

I have a very stylish chair.
I have a very stylish chair.

It’s time for you to see the CPPS for yourselves, let us know what you think about it!

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