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Hello everyone,

Today I’m here to introduce to you a brand new CPPS that had just recently released — FrostPengu. After tireless development and endless beta testing, they are now ready to show their promising CPPS to the public! Let’s go through some of their features and see what they have in store for us–

It seems they made their register page simple and easy to manage along with adding a “Human verification” & entering a “Secret Pin” to keep your account more secure. Also like most servers, they don’t require for you to have an email activation.


When heading over to the login page, you are also greeted with a simple designed blue page. They also added their Discord chat which you can head on over to right here.


Unlike most servers, they made their loader a black color which I personally think looks really nice!


When joining the town, you noticed that they have kept it normal with the same Coffee Shop, Dance Club, and Clothes shop, but the commands are a little different. When trying out the commands, you noticed they are different than how you usually see it. (ex: !pt Hello) This command customizes and changes your mood/status. No need to worry though! They have kept a few commands the same. (ex: !ai 413) This command adds an item to your inventory.

Screenshot_33I have to say, they have put in a lot of effort to make this CPPS happened and so far, they have certainly impressed me. With the simplicity of the CPPS itself & the kind staff, it makes you want to join FrostPengu too, right? If you ever join, you definitely won’t regret it. I guarantee you that. Since they had just recently released, there will still be a few bugs and glitches that they still have to fix here and there, so if you ever spot one, come report it to the staff members!

Speaking of staff, they are currently hiring moderators. Yes, you heard me right! Think you have a chance? Private message them an application on their Twitter or send the main owner (Slash/Nuno) an application via Discord. Hurry while you still have the chance!

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