Hey Fellow Penguins,

I’m here to show you guys CPPS.pw —  it’s still under development, yet they decided to release early to let us go on and have fun! This CPPS is a brand new one, created by Ben_ and Creek, and boy do they have a lot to offer on such a small yet already successful CPPS.

Of course, CPPS.pw is still in testing, and will be for a little longer. This CPPS has special features, and I think you should register right away so you get the luxury to these features in the meantime!

So Jennifer, what exactly are the special features? Do we get to keep them forever?

Let me explain. As of right now, when you join CPPS.pw, you get to have nameglow, bubblecolor, and more! Even as a normal player, with the special features you can change your snowball color, your penguin’s transparency, your speed, and a lot more as well! –

I myself have asked Ben_ about the special features currently being given out on the game, and about being a beta tester, and this is the response I have received –

If a player is registered before we announce that CPPS.pw is officially open (which will be done on our twitter) then they are technically a “beta tester”, we are currently discussing whether to let beta testers keep the premium features that are currently free.

Cool! What about staff positions?

We are currently looking for a flash designer and a handful of moderators, we’re looking out for people who can speak languages aside from English that apply for moderator positions, people can submit applications to [email protected]

Ben_ certainly did have a lot to say about his amazing creation of a CPPS. Get yourself excited, this CPPS has so much to offer as it is already! Let’s check out a chunk of the commands on the command page –

That’s not even all of it –

Along with these amazing commands, please note that some do not work yet. CPPS.pw has a little more fixing to do, but they should be good soon! Coming from myself, I can also say that the players on CPPS.pw are very friendly, so I don’t think you should worry about too many issues on the game. The staff so far are also super dedicated and happy to help out whenever it’s needed, so that’s yet another reason to play!

They are not even out of beta testing yet and I have been told that not only will custom rooms come if they find a flash designer, but also custom items! The CPPS seems to be more based off of the old Club Penguin, so if you’re into that, come on down! I highly suggest this CPPS as it is! You can also register through the login page! Come and join the fun!

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