New Author :)

Hello everyone, my name is Amy and I’m currently 15 years old.
I am best known around the CPPS world as Angelina/Angelinaa :).

I have the absolute privilege to be a new author here at Speedy CPPSHQ!

A few facts about me 😀
– I am a crazy animal lover
– I vlog on a private channel
– I’m an inspired blogger by Zoella
– I love to sing and play sports

I love swimming and all things sporty. Also, I’ve been in the CP community since 2006 and the CPPS community for about 3 years now, if you would like to add me my username in most CPPSes is Angelina (Some it is Angelinaa ~ Cpps.me it is #Allie.)

I hope to give you all the best, quality blog posts 🙂
Thank you for reading!


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