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Hello everyone! My name is Kayla. On most CPPSes I am known as Koda! I am a current editor on CPPSnews, and being aware that CPPSnews might be closing down which is very sad to me, I was given the choice to become an author here on Speedy, and I accepted. I am a very open and friendly person and I love to make my posts interesting and informative for my readers. I am seventeen years old and my hobbies include, swimming, blogging, hanging out with my friends, and on very rare occasions, singing! I also joined the CPPS community way back in 2011! CpBroadCast was my very first CPPS I ever visited! I would like to give a special thank you to Michael, for giving me this opportunity in becoming an author on SpeedyCPPSHQ. See you guys in future posts!



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