New Author : Anson (a.k.a from CPPSNews.pw)

Heya Guys! It’s me Anson, So I Know CPPSNews.pw has been merged with SpeedyCPPSHQ lately, It’s just because the administrators thought that If we’d merge with SpeedyCPPSHQ, it would make the community more active and feel less confused on the status of both websites and It wouldn’t be a challenge between the two Blogs. Anyways since CPPSNews.pw is down My info post is deleted too, But don’t worry here’s a few Info about me :

  1. I’m 13.
  2. I’m Single .
  3. I’m a Pro-Gamer,Blogger and a artist in making SWFs and Graphics.
  4. Every CPPS Explorer.

So I Guess that’s all Info about me, But keep reading SpeedyCPPSHQ for many News about CPPS and more…;)

Until Next Time, Waddle On!


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