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Hello there everyone!
You read the tittle “Neptune Lounge” and you start asking yourself “What is Neptune Lounge?” Well turns out is a new up comming CPPS who will dazzle you and the only thing you would wanna do is stay in that chair and play it all day long! The main founders are “Lake/Noodles” and “Kyle Kirwan”. It has well expirienced staff such as: “Ryan, D0pe, Sauron/Tent, Cheeky Jay and Patrick” They dont just let anyone in they’re staff team they only let high expirienced people join and thats one of the main reasons I recommend it. It’s also unique in alot of ways like the fact that in the name it doesnt have “CPPS, CP, Penguin” in the name and it’s specially unique in its custom form. This CPPS will get popular soon because of its well known and expirienced staff members. As the owner “Lake” said he wants to make this CPPS like no other! He wants his little CPPS to be a big hit and im sure it will! Everyone who registers will get an ID no lower than 100. Lake is 100. Im 101 so I was the second one to register. No Low id’s like 10, 4, 1, etc. Thats all the info I have! Stay tunned for more!

Goodbye for now,
Snowy ♥


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