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Edit: Woops! I didn’t notice Snow’s post about Neptune Lounge. Her post didn’t contain links, or images. So those who may be wanting a preview, you may view this post.

Hello viewers!

It’s time for me to introduce to you all a brand new cpps, when I mean brand new, I mean very new. This is the grand opening of ‘Neptune Lounge‘.

This cpps is owned by xPiex & Lake, which are two fantastic cpps developers. Neptune Lounge, is a cpps that hasn’t got the words: ‘Club, CPPS, Penguin’ etc, in it, which makes it stand out from other cpps’.

This amazing cpps has a lot of customs in it, and it’s still in it’s beta stages!

Bellow is the loader, which is a combination of both the new and old loaders:

Bellow is the amazing custom town, which is “Coca Cola” themed.

I love the bots Nameglow! Finally, bellow is some of  Neptune Planet’s features:

As you can see some of Neptune Lounges features are:

  • Reputation System
  • Nameglow
  • Private messaging
  • Moods/Status’
  • Custom red player-card name

And as I said before, it’s still in it’s beta stages! This CPPS will be updating very soon, as it leaves it’s beta stage.

Here is quote made on the homepage:

“neptune lounge is a club penguin private server with free membership and some features that other servers do not have. infact, were the server that has the most custom features ever. with our high powered source, the server can do anything.”

Sounds fantastic!

Here’s the links:

Play: http://neptunelounge.sytes.net/play/

Register: http://neptunelounge.sytes.net/register/

Home: http://neptunelounge.sytes.net/

Remember to register now to get a low ID.

Kind Regards,

– admin




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