MystCP Has Arrived

Hi ya’ll,

2017 is here, and a new CPPS is emerging onto the scene. MystCP is coming with fabulous innovative features and a very inviting Staff Team. MystCP is sure to intrigue many players. The owner Kevin has been hard at work to bring Myst back to life, and it’s been a long-awaited return. He has hired a very welcoming staff who are there to answer any questions you may ask.

Features, such as Dock Hue and Playercard Colors, will have brightness, saturation, and contrast. Some more fun attributes will be Beaks and Marry/BFF. The player’s store, which the player can purchase items in, is all in the works and coming soon to you. Click here to join their Discord chat. Below are some sneak peeks of the infamous Myst.

So long, and farewell until my next post, my fellow Speedy Readers.

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