MystCP – Doors Closed

Hey guys, Lynx here! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Unfortunately I have some bad news to bring to the community.

MystCP’s new owner: Twizzler also known as Kevin has left the community for good. Reasons being – due to lack of interest and has moved on with life according to a conversation I’ve recently had with him. Thus closing down MystCP and therefore there won’t be any PBT(Private Beta Testing) either as its been canceled.

Originally created to stand out in the community by doing things in different ways and making it easier for users to play on the server, while also focusing on security as its key feature. I really hope that MystCP comes back someday under a new ownership and will hopefully release to the public but until then its going to be a story that’s never going to be told.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day ahead.

~ Lynx/Neil.


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