My Return to Speedy CPPSHQ

Hey all! After a short time away from Speedy CPPSHQ, I was rehired and am full of inspiration to continue to actively post once again! Before my away time, I had been an Editor here. As I was rehired as a Trial Author, I am willing to prove myself as an author once again and hopefully work back up to the Editor position! If you guys don’t know me or anything about me and want to, here’s some information about me!

I love to read & write. I’ve always had a knack for writing and love to write whenever I can. Whether it’s writing short stories or spending a couple of weeks writing a story for an assignment that I’m expected to do I enjoy to write. I also love to read and always have. I’m at my local library a lot and am a familiar face around there. I also enjoy reading the newspapers that I have delivered every morning, as well as other various things.

I love sports. I’ve always considered myself to be an active person and enjoy getting outside and getting some exercise. I enjoy running and would consider myself pretty fast. I’ve been on my school’s track team for some years now and do pretty well when competing. I usually compete in three or four events each meet, probably being one or two jumping events and two sprinting events. I also like to play basketball and football with friends and family as I’d consider them more fun when playing than competing.

I enjoy spending time with family. I don’t always have the opportunity to see the majority of my family, but when I do I really enjoy the time I have with them. My family is full of amazing people and I love each and every one of my family members very much. We have family gatherings every so often at my uncle’s house or my grandmother’s house and they can be really nice. We always have a nice dinner and all talk to each other about life and other serious topics.

I love technology. I’ve always been interested in technology and love to use my computer whenever I have the chance. The Internet being such a large place can supply such great information and I’ve learned so much from the years that I’ve spent on my computer. Thanks to my love for technology, I was opened up to finding this community and meeting so many new people and doing new things. I’ve been a community member since late 2011 and have had a passion for it since. I one day aspire to work in the field of technology or as a writer which would be amazing.

Well, that’s it for me! If you have any more questions about me or would like to know something else about me, feel free to comment and ask! I’m delighted to be a member of the Speedy CPPSHQ team again and love writing for the blog. I appreciate that you took the time to read my post and hope you continue to read them in the future! Until my next post!



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