More updates from Oasis!

Hello there! I’d like to inform you about a lot more updates happening from Oasis.


Nice of them to take the time to welcome you, eh?


Tired of sitting in your igloo for hours just to get a few of each furniture item? No need for that anymore, the team has made it so you now have +25 to each furniture item you currently have and each item you plan on buying in the future. So, if you buy one furniture item, you will have 25.


If you didn’t like how you had to re-join the room every time you change your nameglow or bubble color, then you will love this update! We’ve decided that it’ll be much nicer, and better, if we made it so your nameglow and bubble color updates right when you change it! You don’t even have to change rooms.


There were also a few other minor updates. If you ever got the cache error when you join an igloo and it disconnects you, we’ve made it so it’ll just send you back to your previous room. There are also two new menu items when you right-click the screen:

If you click “About Oasis”, an orange box with some information about Oasis will appear. If you click “Previous Room”, the server will send you to your previous room.


That’s all for now! Make sure to check SpeedyCPPSHQ for your latest updates!



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