Monthly-Shoutout : uberPenguin


I recently approached Swanky the new owner of uberPenguin alongside Liam for monthly-shoutout, a new service by SpeedyCPPSHQ in which we contact several server owners and ask them about the updates which occurred and the future of the server.

  • What are the new features you plan on releasing for uberPenguin?

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Swanky and I was the owner of a previous CPPS, CPPS.one. I plan on bringing back a lot of .one’s features, starting with Playercard music, marry/bff, and reputation system.

  • What do you plan on doing in terms of security?

There’s really not much more to add for the client side as the previous owner already implemented 2FA, which is really one of the greatest ways to secure accounts these days. I plan on doing a lot more server-sided, including securing the database more than what it already is. The previous owner did a very good job securing everything, but I plan on going a few steps farther.

  • Is there any new features coming in the upcoming month?

There will be a party that will be announced soon and possibly some new graphical changes and new items.

  • Tell me about any latest room designs you may have?

Well, currently the entire island is all of my custom Halloween rooms! I do have a few graphical errors as I just became admin 3 days ago and I crunched the creation of the party, the custom items and some other administrative stuff all in a 48 hour period (I didn’t even sleep!), so expect the next party to be way more organized and way less problematic.

  • Do you have an active staff?

Yes we do have active staff and we are currently in the process of hiring new staff also.

  • Are there any changes in your team?

Completely as the game is under new management, we are hiring based on professionalism and experience.

  • Are there any improvements that’s going to be done to help stabilize the game?
We are working on redoing the entire coin system and possibly implementing a VIP system. We will still have everything for free, but the VIP system will be for people who want to support the server, so it will be more of a ‘benefits’ program, instead of gaining features that nobody else can get.
  • Is there anything new in the store?

Yes, I have added a few items to the store. As I’ve only been admin for less than a week, I haven’t been able to add more than 5 items.

  • How many active users do you have on a daily basis?

We have an average of 150 logins per day, but that number will surely increase once the community sees all the new changes coming from new management.

  • How many users do you have registered currently?

We have over 3000 users registered.

I’m pretty sure uberPenguin is now under great administration!


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