Monthly Shoutout: PortalPenguin

Ahoy Mateys!

Today I’m going to do a monthly shoutout one of my favourite CPPS Sites – PortalPenguin! Wondering what Leth the owner of PortalPenguin had to say? Yes, of course you do! So lets get right to it.

1. Why did you create PortalPenguin?

I created Portal Penguin so every player can enjoy every single feature for free. I never liked the idea of making people pay for features.

2. Do you think it is going to help the community?

Yes it will help the community realize that my CPPS offers tons of free features including active staff and superior customer service!

3. What inspired you to create PortalPenguin?

I decided to create Portal Penguin because the community needs more CPPSes that offer excellent attributes to their players.

4. Do you think security or adding features is the main goal for a CPPS?

Security and Features are very important.

5. What is the one thing that you focus on for PortalPenguin?

The main thing I am focusing on is making it user friendly.


Huge thanks to Leth for taking the time out of his busy schedule just to answer these questions for us. I can’t wait for these updates to be pushed out and I look forward to see more updates from PortalPenguin as time goes on.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

~ Dev.


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