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Hey everyone, its Ray.

Back with yet another post, I contacted Luke one of the core founder of RPCP and asked him a few questions about RPCP and its upcoming features, so here’s what he had to say.

 1. What are the new features you plan on releasing for RPCP?

We plan on adding all the original OldCP features, along with a few custom features to mix it up a bit. Our features will be fun, entertaining and will help our users. We offer a variety of features already and there is lots more coming very soon!

2. What do you plan on doing in terms of security?

We are constantly upgrading our security. We have a few people who help find exploits for us, so we can patch them as soon as possible. OldCP was already quite secure before, but we are still always ensuring that our game is secure enough for users to enjoy playing without feeling like they’re going to get hacked. Although OldCP used to be owned by Charles, a very irresponsible owner who dumped quite a bit of the OldCP files when he had ownership, we have been doing lots of updates to ensure the safety of our userbase. We have used a fresh database with great security. Before the password hashes were MD5, so they were very easy to decrypt, but now Rocket has added lots of security to our passwords, so they can’t be decrypted.

3. Is there any new features coming in the upcoming month?

We are planning a lot of new features and updates which will be happening this month, and soon you should see a much more advanced OldCP than the one before.

4. Tell me about any latest room designs you may have?

Our designer Zes is constantly designing numerous custom rooms and items for our users to love and enjoy.

5. Do you have an active staff?

All of our staff are active and we’ll soon be adding much more moderation features to keep our users happy and safe.

6. Are there any changes in your team?

There hasn’t been much changes yet to the team since it’s very early release for this new OldCP project, although we are constantly keeping our team inline, so hopefully no staff members will be demoted any time soon. Plus, we’re planning a mod competition sometime this year.

7. Are there any improvements that’s going to be done to help stabilize the game?

We will be improving lots of our features, etc. Our developer Rocket is already recoding lots of the old features to make sure everything is fully working.

8. Are there any promotional deals with the game?

As of now, there is no promotional deals going towards the game except the fact that all of the money we earn from our ads on the OldCP site is going to the original owner, Damen.

9. Is there anything new in the store?

As of now, no. But we are going to be working on the store very soon so our users can spend their hard earned gold on some extremely awesome features to improve their gameplay.

10. How many active users do you have on a daily basis?

We are usually getting over 50 online on a daily basis, but further into full release we’ll be hitting around the 70 mark, and when we host competitions their should be around 100+ online.

11. How many users do you have registered currently?

We have a stats page on OldCP where our users get updates on all the statistics in the game. We’re planning on adding a lot more on to the page, and as of when I am writing this there is 1,119 users registered. (We released a few days ago).

12. Based on the service checks done on your server, are there any improvements in your team?

We will be helping our team fully moderate the game to ensure everyone is safe and has a great time playing OldCP.

This is an actual interview I had with Luke earlier and I’m very impressed by his answers and I can’t wait to see these new changes take place in OldCP, I hope everyone has a better understanding of what’s new to come with OldCP and thanks a lot for reading.


Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and this is Ray signing off for now.



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