New Service: Monthly Shout-outs

Hey everyone,

Its Lynx once again and I bring you good tidings, as of September 10th 2016 we the SpeedyCPPSHQ Team have officially decided to bring a new service in place. This service is just like our Service Check but with a twist!

The idea is that, at the last week of every month – one our team members will contact each CPPS owner and will conduct a small brief discussion. This discussion will be based on the CPPS and what’s new to come every month. The Owners will be contacted through their Discord via dm(direct message) instead of having to login to the CPPS. If not Discord we will find other means to get in contact. We will then make an announcement about it and bring you the updates before hand.

How could you the Owners help us? We request you to be courteous, truthful and honest about the updates you are going to bring onto the server. If there is going to be any disruption such as a delay or if you decide to cancel out on the updates, kindly contact one our Team members and let them know about it so there will not be any sort of confusion.

This service will not only help benefit your server but it will help benefit the community as a whole in so many ways and maybe we might expand on this idea as time goes on. This service will start by the end of this month and we hope to see some amazing updates!


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, until next time. Ciao!