Monthly – Shout out: Pengur

Hey everyone,

Today I got in touch with the owner of PengurYoyo to ask him what’s to come for the CPPS next month so let’s get down to the questions!


  • Are you currently working on anything new for Pengur?

We always are! I urge everyone to keep an eye out for updates on our twitter @PengurCPPS.

  • What’s your main inspiration for your CPPS?

My inspiration is the CPPS community. There are many voices in our community and our goal is to listen to everyone.

  • Do you have any plans for hiring new staff?

It depends on our productivity and how much moderators we need. We hope to hire some new people soon, we can’t confirm anything yet.

  • What makes Pengur different from other CPPSes?

We have a very great staff team. I couldn’t ask for a better team. Also, we have features that no other CPPS has done. Such as custom postcards, clothing customizer etc. We also work hard on monthly parties. We are like a whole new, custom version of club penguin.

It’s so great to see that Pengur is so productive in the CPPS community. They care about their users and they only love what’s best for their server. It’s safe to say that the staff of Pengur work very hard and they are very dedicated to their CPPS.


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