Monthly Review: CPPS.me

Hey everyone!

Winter is near and it’s really sad news for me! Waking up early in the morning feeling tired, like seriously? Anyway, let’s get started for our Monthly Review! I liked the way B00mX0r answered my questions, they were really reasonable. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

  • Are you planning a Christmas party for CPPS.me?

Yes, we’re planning on having special giveaways and more for Christmas. We want to give our users the best experience, so even though we think people should be spending the day with their families, we’ll spend the time around Christmas with special festivities.

  • What does CPPS.me mostly focus on?

CPPS.me mainly focuses on the user experience. This means safety and security first, stability second, and then new features last. Users play CPPS.me because it’s been around for a while and it’s stable. They care more about whether they can log in every day expecting the same fast server experience and the same interface. That’s why new features come last.

  • How many active users do you have on daily basis?

The amount of active users we have daily changes constantly based on weekday/weekend, holiday break, and season. Right now, we have 364 users online according to our site at cpps.me. This will definitely change later in the day, too. It’s always in fluctuation.

  • Are there any changes in your team of CPPS.me?

We’ve been upscaling our moderation team recently in a continued effort to give mods more freedom in both their ability to play the game while absolutely prioritizing at least one on-duty moderator being in-game at any given time for the safety of users. This trend will continue, and yes, we are aware of the need for multilingual mods, and we do have long-term plans to address that issue. Expect more soon™.

  • What do you plan on doing in terms of security?

We really do care a lot about user security. There’s no business on CPPS.me of selling user data or profiting off of IP addresses. All user passwords are encrypted, not encoded (MD5 is not encryption, @other CPPSes). We put Two-Factor Authentication on the manager, along with improving the security systems in place that protect moderator accounts. I can’t go more into that, but, continuing on the path of 2FA, I even wrote a thread on aureus.pw attempting to promote 2FA amongst other CPPSes, and discussed how CPPS.me went about implementing it and how users can take advantage of it. I highly recommend it, since 2FA significantly improves the security of your account, and prevents attackers from changing your password without access to your phone. All CPPSes need to implement 2FA, and no CPPSes have an excuse for using MD5 or SHA1 for passwords today.

And if you are wondering on how to implement 2FA, make sure to follow this tutorial.

Thank you for reading my post, have a nice weekend! 😀


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