Monthly Review: Aureus

Hello Everyone,

Today, I spoke to Sixfingeredman for a Monthly Review on Aureus. I love the way he answered my questions, and he definitely put in as much detail as possible per every question I asked him. Let’s dig into it, and let’s see what he had to say!

  • Why do you think Aureus is a great forum for the CPPS community?

There are a few reasons. For one, all of our staff share a unified view of what Aureus should be. We know we want to help get young people interested in programming and inventing their own projects. A part of this is catering to a community that already exists, the Club Penguin reverse engineering and CPPS consumption community. As we grow, we intend to expand the forums scope beyond just Club Penguin. I for one am interested in teaching programming and marketing to people that are interested in how to develop and grow their own projects. Another reason might be that we have a devoted staff team, and the people we hire are exclusively interested in making the forum a better place. Many other forums have risen (and fallen) while Aureus has remained. To put it simply, we don’t hire people who are interested in just having the title of “moderator” or “administrator”- We hire based on merit and whether they are even a good fit in the community.

  • What are you planning on bringing to Aureus in the next few weeks?

I want to get the sections for marketing and programming tutorials going. Both of these will be heavily curated sections mostly posted in by staff, but users will be able to post their own topics and have them be reviewed and possibly accepted by the moderation team.

  • How does Aureus benefit the CPPS community?

Aureus provides a safe environment for aspiring young entrepreneurs to learn. Our moderation team is vigilant and respond to reports whenever they arise, and all of our staff members are well-versed in starting, marketing, and running projects. We really do care about our community and keeping them safe.

  • What is your first priority to keep the users satisfied with their experience within the forum?

Anyone is allowed to suggest alterations to the forum. Any problems that they may not want to be made public, they can contact a moderator or another staff member for assistance.

  • How is Aureus a safe place for the CPPS community people to come to?
We monitor user to user interaction heavily. Harassment, illegal activity, anything “script kiddy”-like are not allowed and anyone partaking in such activities gets a single warning when being asked to stop. Anything further is a permanent ban. One caveat: we cannot control off-site activity. Anything that doesn’t happen explicitly on the forum is out of our hands.

A big thank-you goes out to Sixfingeredman for answering my questions for this Monthly Review. I certainly can’t wait until Aureus releases their updates. Aureus is definitely both a safe and amazing forum. What are you waiting for? Click here to join!



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