Mirai: Updates

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to announce the release of Mirai Version 27. This new update has fixed key bugs & has also added some brand new features to Mirai, including some much-anticipated features that have been requested.

We have fixed bugs including issues with friends showing as offline on your buddy list, and also a minor bug associated with the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the login page. We have now solved and corrected these issues along with a transformation bug which caused the selected transformation to not stay when joining a new room.

Save Outfit & the Saved Outfit manager has now been released! The team are excited to officially launch the save outfit option on Mirai. This option has been much requested, and has been given a new modern look. To save an outfit, simply select a player and select the save icon on their player card, which is last icon featured on the right side. You can then manage all saved outfits via the saved outfit manager, which is the yellow hard hat icon, located at the top right side of your screen, next to the transformation icon. This will then display all saved outfits, on pages. To wear an outfit, select the green tick, or to delete an outfit, select the cross to discard it.

A new option has been added to adjust the size dimensions of your play screen. This option is located in the settings button on the chatbar. Simply select the settings icon and to adjust the size, either click the minus to retract your play screen or the plus to expand. You do not need to re-login to save changes, it is automatic.

The team has also added an extra 13 new transformations in the transformation manager. The new transformations, as follows:
1. Herbert
2. Bing Bong
3. Rainbow Unicorn
4. Red Fairy
5. Green Fairy
6. Peach Fairy
7. Yellow Fairy
8. Orange Fairy
9. Black Fairy
10. Blue Fairy
11. Pink Fairy
12. Aqua Fairy
13. Brown Fairy




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