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Hey Penguins,

Mirai finally released yesterday, hooray!

Now that it is out, let’s look into one of the features – Transformations. The transformations are found in the upper right corner. This is what you click –






You see that super awesome looking green puffle? Once you click that, you are introduced to this –



At a glance, you can see that you can turn into a puffle. When you scroll down, you are given even more options –








WOW! Werewolves, dinosaur puffles, what else could there be?! Here is just a little bit more of what you can turn yourself into whenever you’re bored…








When trying to transform into something, you are given a preview of what you will look like –








After you’re done choosing, you can just click the transform button.








You will then be successfully transformed into what ever your choice of transformation was! It’s amazing! –






Oops! Don’t forget to take your clothing off if you are wearing any!

Come on everybody, come join us on Mirai and transform into silly things with me and the other players!

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I’ll see you there,


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