Mirai.SO: You decide!

Hi guys,

We’re all sure you’ve heard about the CPPS called Mirai, the server first for the most innovative features! Unfortunately, as we may know, Mirai left us mid-May with the team departing and splitting separate ways, until now.

Recently, the Mirai team gathered together to discuss things. One of which was the passion to create a CPPS, which the community would enjoy. This CPPS would serve as a place where never-before-seen features can make its mark in the community, maintain a friendly environment, but most of all a place where the users can call home.

This is where the thoughts stopped, and instead refocused to the community. Which brings us to an important task, where you have the power.

Recently a poll was uploaded over on the Mirai website, which is simple but effective.

The poll reads “Would you be interested in seeing a new server brought to you by the mirai.so team?”.

This poll looks at two areas, which need to be understood before proceeding. This is hinting at a brand new server to be created, which cancels out a return of a previous server such as Oasis or Mirai (which were falsely rumored by other CPPS news blogs). The poll also explains that the team which brought you Mirai, will be involved within this new server if it is agreed to go ahead.

This simple Yes or No poll with help gather results in assessing the next step. If you would like to see a new server, simply select Yes and submit. If you do not, you can select No, you will be given an option to offer an explanation on why you picked No before submitting.

Once submitted, you’ve helped make a difference!

Thank you for your help.

The results will be posted here in the coming days.

Source: Mirai

It is alleged that the results of this poll will be posted on the website very soon, so get voting!

What did you vote for? Let us know in the comments! (we voted yes!)






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