Mirai.SO – Making an appearance next month!

Hello all,

As you may already know, Mirai is making it’s reappearance soon! Are you as excited as we are? Mirai was a huge CPPS in 2013-2014 as it had thousands beyond thousands of users. This original CPPS had a vast array of mind-blowing features that attracted the users. Below, we will list some of these features that Mirai is going to bring back, and in the future we will show you new ones once it’s out! Be prepared because you’ll want to play Mirai straight away!

1. Snowball Server!

Yes, Mirai’s Snowball Server is making it’s return as well! This game is iconic to the CPPS community, causing other servers to create their own games related to it. The game holds a special place in our hearts, and now it’s coming back!

2. Marry/BFF System

The awesome Marry/BFF feature is definitely coming back! As you may know, Oasis had a recent update where you could Marry + BFF people at the same time. This might be transferred over to Mirai, but that will be held as something you’ll need to find out when it officially opens to the public.

3. In-Game Screenshot Camera

Remember the In-Game Screenshot Camera? Well, this is going to be implemented once again! This will save you time, as third-party use for taking a screenshot will no longer be necessary.

4. Party Switcher

Just like on Mirai last time, there will be a party switcher! Party Switchers generally spice up the environment of which you’re playing in by adding extra unique designs.

5. Nameglow/Bubblecolor

This time, nameglow is going to be different! You will have an option to “fan it out” like it is in the given picture, or have it like it is on Oasis. This will give users a wider select of character designs.

6. Saved Outfits

Saved Outfits will be just like it was before. If you’ve played Mirai in the past, this will be exciting because the layout was pretty cool!

7. Transformations

Remember the transformations that Mirai had? Oasis might not have them, but they will all be re-added back! So, those of you who are into transforming into cool characters then be excited for what’s coming!

8. Friends List

Remember this? Well, Mirai’s friends list made it so you could see their penguin + the last time they were online all in the list itself. This will also be re-added.

9. Special Events!

This picture holds a memory of the 2013 Christmas event on Mirai. The staff members will definitely be doing the same when Mirai re-opens. There’s a lot of cool things planned out for the upcoming CPPS, so be prepared to relive old memories as Mirai will be exactly the same as last time.

All features seen above were first implemented into Mirai. Due to the great quality of these features, other CPPS’ have added them as well. Right now you see a lot of great CPPS’ with these features added in the game. Props to them for being able to replicate what was once on one CPPS.

These features were already apart of Mirai, but this was just a sneak peak showing you examples of what they may look like. Designs may be subject to change at any given time, and new features will be added as well.

New administration!?

Mirai is expanding it’s team with new mods and new administration. Yes, that’s right, this CPPS will be ran by entirely new people! The staff on Oasis right now are still going to be working on there, but more people are going to be given a chance to shine this time!

Who are the current staff members right now?


  • Tybone10 (Not going to be on Mirai)

Staff Leaders

  • Izzy
  • Chris
  • Alana


  • Michael
  • Lorie

Be sure to expect many new staff members as Mirai rolls around the corner! Applications to apply for staff will be implemented into the website soon. Start drafting up your applications now!

Follow this format if you are interested: http://pastebin.com/vkxTVi7j

NOTICE: This application format is not official. Use it for practicing purposes, however. Actual moderator applications will be in the form of a support ticket. You may use the information you provided in this format, just don’t put it in the form of questions- put it in paragraphs.

Thank you all for reading! If you have any more questions about Mirai, feel free to comment below and we will reply to you guys.


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