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Hi guys,

Yesterday, Mirai shutdown for good. The closure of Mirai has taken its toll on everyone, deeply affecting the community Mirai has gathered.

The emotional farewell lead for an hour and the feeling users were having during the final hour were distress, sadness and reflection. The town was packed with many users, all spending their last few moments together on Mirai.


Screenshot_8 (8)

Screenshot_9 (8)

Screenshot_12 (5)

The last few moments on the server were special to all, it showed the love everyone had for Mirai, the reasons that Mirai has changed or improved their life, and most of all, a reflection on all memories created.

Through Mirai’s impact, it has been all about the community. Personally, Oasis/Mirai has revived my aspirations into not only becoming a part of the server, but becoming a part of a team that runs a server. The most favorite part of this entire experience for not having a position of power, but connecting with the users. The users gave Mirai its name, they were the best part of the server, regardless of the extensive unique features we had to offer. This has been the first server where the team were hands on, and was able to deeply connect with the users, we always tried to offer a next level of contact, and also first introducing the Discord network to the CPPS community as an extra means of networking.

Mirai’s website has now been replaced with a brief message, shown below:


This short display, may be overwhelming to some, for the emotions of it gone forever becoming reality. The site background was also chosen specifically, as it was planned on release for Mirai’s new website for its next update, this is what the new site would have looked like:


But of course, this wasn’t the case as Mirai closed before the next update was pushed out.

Mirai has also had plans on launching a whole range of brand new features for the next update. Speedy CPPSHQ will now exclusively release all the brand new features Mirai would have release if it remained open.

Penguin Skins

This feature was a brand new, never-before seen feature planned. The concept was simple, to allow users to upload their own custom ‘Skin’, and wear it like you wear penguin color.

Screenshot_4 (33)
Early testing of “Penguin Patterns” (now know as Penguin Skins).


Screenshot_16 (4)
Penguin Skins in operation in a staged testing environment.
Screenshot_17 (8)
Penguin Skins via playercard view.

Screenshot_15 (5)

The custom capability of these penguin skins would have allowed any user to upload a 210 x 210 image and it would replace your penguin color with an image.

AFK Symbols

Xat users, this next feature may sound familiar to you. It was planned to release a simple AFK badge to display next to a users name if they are away for 5 minutes or longer. Take a look:

Screenshot_1 (18)

Screenshot_2 (33)

The “clock” resembled simply would disappear once the chat bar has been clicked, or if you move around.

Igloo Brightness 

This feature was an extension to the igloo tools, allowing you to adjust how bright you want your igloo to look.

Screenshot_3 (29)
A very dark igloo, set to -50% darkness.
A very bright igloo, set to +50% brightness.

This feature was a great way into allowing users to further adjust how their igloo looked, by controlling the light and darkness.

Furniture Size & Rotation 

This innovative new feature surely wouldn’t have disappointed. This extension of the furniture tools, allowed a user to drag a furniture item and customize its size and rotation, seen below:

That’s a big campfire!
Screenshot_9 (18)
That’s an amazing hippo farm!

Igloo Manager

Saving igloos was always seen as a priority, even to some staff members, so an Igloo Manager was designed.

Screenshot_11 (7)
Early designs of the structure of the Igloo Manager.
Screenshot_6 (32)
The finished product.
Screenshot_3 (36)
Igloo Manager in action!

The Igloo Manager worked similar as the save outfit manager, allowing users to save their own igloos under custom names, and being able to switch between igloos with ease. It would have been accessed via the igloo icon which holds the manager.

CPMV Server

If you’re fond on making Club Penguin Music Videos, a new server was planned exactly for that purpose. The server would be extremely customizable allowing users to customize their recording spaces. The server would strip anything CPPS-related allowing the server to be more suited to the original Club Penguin style. The server would have also allowed the creation of NPCs, and moderation tools to ‘kick’ or ‘ban’ a user off their “set”. Here is an example of some of the things that could have been customized:

nSK2uoa Screenshot_16 (5)

Game Settings

The game settings was in for a refit, with a face-lift and addition of new features, seen below:

Screenshot_20 (3)

Screenshot_3 (39)
An example of the hidden profane messages option.

Other Features

  • Background Creator: The Oasis background creator, custom backgrounds for all!
  • Kik bot: Allowing users to connect their kik to their mirai account, and being able to receive news, alerts, password resets, friends online & new private message notifications straight to their mobile device.
  • New Site Design: The entire site receiving a new face-lift, including moving the blog from drupal to wordpress.
  • Go-to friend: The ability to travel directly to a friend added, with a new button called “join” added next to the “Ok” button when finding a player. When Join is pressed, you will be teleported to the room your friend is within, to save you time.
  • New Custom Items + Store: The Mirai team has been learning and practicing the creation of custom items, with many different custom items being planned on being added to the server. A plan was to add a custom items store to allow users to upload and create their own custom items, which they could then sell for credits. The idea was the user can set the quantity available and credit cost. With every purchase, they will receive the credits. The store was not yet worked on, but was planned to be soon.
  • New PM system: A new PM system was designed which had a much more modern and neater look.
  • Credit Store + Tools re-design: The credit store was redesigned to again, modernize Mirai.
  • Clickable Speech Bubbles: An extension from clickable links in chatlogs, alike Oasis, the speech bubbles becoming clickable was making its return.
Tab view, on joining both stores together.
Screenshot_11 (24)
The credit store. (Before dividing tabs were then added)
Screenshot_14 (17)
The design of the new PM system.


Screenshot_9 (26)
A “report message” feature to forward PMs to a moderators attention.
Screenshot_9 (3)
Custom items in testing. (Shirt made by Chris)
Screenshot_22 (2)
Custom items in testing. (Hoodie made by Izzy)
Account Manager features.


The kik bot

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive insight on what Mirai would have had added, if it didn’t shutdown.

With this being said, Tybone10 has decided to release the code for all his unique features that haven’t been publicly released yet. This is aimed at server owners to take advantage of the code, and allowing them to add it to their own CPPSes. More code for other features are still being added, all can be viewed here: http://mirai.so/code/


Who knows, you may be seeing some of these advanced features on future CPPSes.

That brings us to the end of the post, and the end of Mirai. We hope you have all enjoyed your time on Mirai and created many memories. On behalf of the team, we appreciate and thank every single user for spending their time on Mirai, whether it was you were bored, you were trying to get out of working an assignment or homework, you were in a call and wanted to chill, you wanted to enter in your igloo for an igloo design contest, you wanted to experiment with new features that you have never seen before, or most of all, you were seeking change, a different CPPS, a CPPS that understands you. We may be all about the future at Mirai, but this time we ask you to reflect on the past, as the experience we all had was the best part.

If you ever feel like you’re not where you’re supposed to be, you shouldn’t worry because the next turn you take could lead you to where you want to go.

We finally leave you with a farewell video, within this video holds over 800+ memories experienced by all of Mirai’s users, as we would like to say goodbye for the final time.

Thank you for sticking with Mirai,




  • Alphaa,se você quiser saber a tradução,cole tudo e copie no Google Tradutor,se você usa de navegador o Google Chrome,vá à barra de pesquisas (ali em cima),e localize ao lado direito.ao lado de uma estrela,um “cartãozinho” com um G de um lado e uma letra indefinida no outro,para assim ter a tradução quade original!

    E sim,infelizmente,o Mirai não vai abrir; porém haverá uma atualização nele (é o que diz na tradução,eu pessoalmente não entendi).Enfim,pode ser que ele volte ou no mesmo site,com atualizações nos esperando,ou em um novo site,com as atualizações em andamento…
    Espero que tenha ajudado E que leia isso né…haushausha.


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