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Hello! It’s Alicia here, I have some exciting news! I’ve recently been chosen to be a beta tester for the long awaited return of Mirai.

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I’d have to say I’m quite impressed with how simple Mirai is, but it still has great features that users will love! Users will be able to get these great features by playing on the snowball server and earning credits, here are some of the features they have to offer!

Name Glow:

mirai nameglow

Bubble Color:

mirai bubblecolor

Emote Packs:

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These are just some of the core features , but there are way more to choose from! Such as, character speed, status color/glow, ring color, penguin moods, nickname change and snowball color. These features will now be purchased with credits, since Mirai now doesn’t have any VIP ranks.  None of these features will be available until the credit shop and the snowball server opens.

Mirai also has other unique features to enhance your experience. For example, Walk on Walls is available to all users, for free. Along with playercard hues with is controlled by a !hue command. Members holding Name Glow can control the blur of their Name Glow, on a scale of 1-5, which can make a glow fan out, or keep in line, leaving a neat look. Alike the past, users can also have a third hex added to their Bubble Color, separating it into three separate sectors, now allowing a bottom bubble glow to be selected.

Mirai is a very dynamic server, but also consisting on some valuable features this CPPS holds, quote from the play page:

Mirai is a private server that has recently returned, and our reasons for re-creating Mirai are simple: we want to make a server that can be enjoyable for all. Our goal is to not only please all of our users, but to be innovative as well. Mirai will have many features, but not so much as to overwhelm anyone, including ourselves.

Another cool thing I noticed about Mirai is that they kept the same staff  that was on Oasis! (Lorie, Michael, Chris, Izzy, and Alana) but I heard they are going to be looking for new moderators in the future, so start getting an application ready!

An outstanding factor of Mirai, is how clean and simple the server is. For example, the clean login page:

mirai play page.png

Not many CPPS have a clean and simple server these days, I really admire this about Mirai, and it has kept its same format as it had in the past!

Although you can’t play yet, you can still register an account here:


Keep your eyes out on Mirai’s official Twitter account @Mirai_SO which may offer exclusive opportunities to join the beta test.

Mirai will be officially released once the beta testing stage is over.

-Alicia & Michael

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