Mirai.SO: Are YOU Ready for Change?

Hi guys,

The Mirai team has been hard at working improving the game along with brand new features, which have really changed the face of Mirai. These countless unique features are becoming to be seen as game changing new additions, which the users are certainly enjoying.

Some of these features include:

  • Igloo Settings – enhanced moderation (kick, ban, unban from igloo), notifications and required item.
  • Toggle screen dimensions
  • Item & Furniture automatic item adders.
  • Save outfit + Saved outfit manager.
  • Credit store – Nickname changer (20,000 credits per change).
  • Brand new transformations!

Mirai has now unveiled a key new addition to their features with the support ticket system returning. You can create a ticket with either a query, bug, suggestions, report or moderator application, and have it replied to at a quick pace. The moderator application ticket form has a simple format for those unsure on how to apply for moderator, by simply being able to fill out the fields.

You can access the support network by first logging into the account manager, here: http://mirai.so/account/support/create

Mirai has also unveiled a new video to adhere to their campaign ‘A Change Begins’, you can watch this video below:

Mirai has also hinted on much more change to come. Do you have any ideas of feedback? Let us know in the comments!




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