Mirai.SO: A Day of Fun!


With the new update closing in soon, Mirai will begin transitioning into a new stage, and to celebrate Mirai’s upcoming update the fun begins!

But how will the fun kick off?
As soon as Mirai reaches a targeted amount of users online, we will begin the fun!

The Mirai team has been busy discussing with users what they wanted to do, and with much planning the Mirai has decided the following events that will occur:

  • Dress-up Contest! It’s time to celebrate and dress-up to a selected theme. Once this event is on, it will be located at the Ice Berg. Possible prizes: 5,000 credits, credit store feature.
  • Hide & Seek Contest! We love hiding as much as you love seeking, so we’re going to throw an island-wide hide & seek contest. Simply find either: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 or H0, who will be hiding around the island, and be rewarded with 5,000 credits! This event will be hosted on the Mirai Discord Channel, found here, as an easier means of communication
  • Find Four Contest! It’s time to test your skill level in Find 4 matches! These matches will be hosted at the Ski Lodge and Ski Lodge Attic. Simply beat a staff member in a match of Find Four, and be rewarded with 5,000 credits! In some instances, if you beat multiple staff members, you may even be rewarded with a credit store feature
  • Card Jitsu Contest! Sensei, move over there is a new sheriff in town! The Mirai team may be very skilled (or un-skilled) at Card Jitsu, so we want you to take advantage of that! Join us over at the Dojo where we will be battling you in Card Jitsu matches. If you win against a staff member, we will reward you with 5,000 credits!
  • Trivia Contest! Is answering questions more your skill? The team will develop a trivia quiz where you will be asked a series of questions on Mirai. If you answer them all correctly, you will see a 5,000 credit reward flying your way! This event will be hosted via the Mirai Discord Channel, found here.
  • Igloo Contest! Do you have a passion to design igloos? We want you to use your skills to design something amazing. You will be given an igloo theme, and you will be given 20 minutes to make something great out of that theme. If you do not want to destroy the current igloo you have, you can make a new account. If you come either first, second or third you will receive a credit store feature, and if we will also reward igloos that didn’t quite make the top rankings, 5,000 credits. This event will be hosted via the Mirai Discord Channel, found here.

How will you find out when these will be occurring?

discord miraiThe Mirai Discord Channel will be your best option into keeping updated on the latest contest news. All updates will be posted as an #announcement so nobody will ever miss a thing! These contests are conducted by the Mirai team, and will occur as soon as we reach the targeted users count. For those who do not know, the Mirai Discord Channel is used as a chatroom, where staff can easily reach you and provide information, fast. It can be found here: https://speedycppshq.com/miraichat

You can also view the latest contest which will be tweeted out by the official Mirai Twitter account, found here: https://twitter.com/mirai_so

Everytime we begin a contest, the contest will be Tweeted out along with the location, so keep watch!

Also keep a watch for the Mirai bot accounts around the island, which will display information on when a contest is about to take place, or taking place.

We hope to see you on Mirai, for this day full on fun!



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