Mirai: Snowball Server released!

Hi everyone,

A new server has been added to Mirai, the Snowball Server! The Snowball server is a game server, whereas if you remember on our previous version of Mirai, the server was implemented. The server has now returned and is bigger than ever.

When you login to the server, you will see a green health bar at the top left side of your screen. By default, you have 100 health points. This can be increased by purchasing health points in the Snowball store, up to a maximum of 1025 health points.

The goal of the game is to ‘kill’ other players with snowballs (don’t worry, there’s no blood!). There are 4 different types of snowballs you can use, each inflicting a different amount of damage. The snowballs you can use and the damage they do are as follows:

Default (gray): 5 points of damage
White: 7 points of damage
Yellow: 10 points of damage
Red: 15 points of damage

To select a different snowball, simply click on the snowball icon in the chat bar and select the snowball you wish to use. Each snowball comes with ammo. Default snowballs have unlimited ammo, and are free to use. Ammo for the other snowballs must be purchased with credits, and are limited in use, which can be found within the credit store, located at the top right of your play screen. Ammo can be purchased in the credit store along with health points, but be aware that the amount of ammo you have for a snowball decreases every time you use that snowball.


We have also added two new credit store items on the Snowball server. Transparency costing 7,500 credits. This will decrease your visibility by 25%, making it harder for other players to see you, and Size decrease costing 10,000 credits. This will decrease your penguin size by 15%. Remember to rejoin the room after purchasing these features, and only to purchase them once, as you cannot stack them.


The server uses special forest rooms instead of the normal rooms on the main server. There is also a map to help you navigate through these rooms. There are a few places to hide in these rooms, so use them to your advantage. Every time you load the server, you will be in the main room, or safe zone. No one can be killed in this room. In any other room, you are vulnerable to attack.

One of the most awaited additions has also arrived, introducing the Snowball server leader board! The leader board can be found here: http://mirai.so/leaderboard
This will display the top 25 players with the most kills on Mirai, it will also display the amount of deaths each player had experienced on the list. It will automatically update once you refresh your page. Please note that sometimes it may take longer to update, so stay patient. See if you can beat your friends, and comment below if you made it within the top 25!


If someone kills you on the server, your penguin will fall over and the screen will turn gray, with a message saying “Game over” along with the name of the person who killed you. Once killed by another player, your penguin will then spawn back to the safe room to start again.


You can earn credits on this server. You receive 10 credits per 20 points of damage you inflict. You receive your credits every time you re-log.

Lastly, remember this is a new server, there may be a few bugs. If you find any, or have any suggestions, leave a comment below!

You can play Mirai here: http://mirai.so/play/





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