Mirai Review

Mirai has been impressing us day by day. State, CyberSwift and I have decided to do a review about Mirai together! This is going to be big!

Let’s start with emote packs. There are currently five categories of emote packs.

  • Normal Emotes

Normal emotes are normal Club Penguin emotes like the original smiley face, the ice cream emote, the barf emote, etc. You can do these emotes on regular Club Penguin. I personally like the Smiley Face. Let’s take a peek at some of the normal emotes:

wS5PPYK 1EghqOeZ5XhCO0lUmKAye

  • Party Emotes

Yes, and here it is! Party Emotes! These emotes were used in past Club Penguin Parties, like the Prehistoric Party of 2013. The emotes I’m about to get more detail into, cannot be used on Club Penguin anymore and that’s the cool thing about having these emotes here on Mirai. Let’s see what these emotes are all about..




There’s much much more of these to see on Mirai! Just login to Mirai here to see more.

Anyone remember these? I sure do! Let’s move on to Oasis Emotes. Oasis emotes are personally my favorite and my favorite feature of Mirai. The team has decided to be even more expressive and funny and add these Oasis emotes:


Uh oh, I'm wanted!
Uh oh, I’m wanted!

There’s even more once you log on to Mirai…. you might even find a suprise emote pack. These emote packs can be obtained if you registered your account super early. This ends the emote pack part of this review.

You can turn into any puffle using the transformations feature!
You can turn into any puffle using the transformations feature!

Transformations like this are just the beginning. There are numerous transformations like Blue Puffle, Red Puffle, Zombie A and Zombie B and much much more to be reviewed. Well, let’s get started!

The transformations impress me a lot. Transformations can be found where the green puffle in the top right corner is. Psst, we have photos to show in case you’re stumped.BP1RTT9

Once you click that, Mirai will load a list of a bunch of various things your penguin  can revert to. Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s how it works: Simply click on the item you’d like to transform into and click transform. Hozzah! You’ll magically transform into that item. This concludes the transformation part of this review.

Let’s move onto glows!

Glows is one of the exciting features on Mirai . Glows show off who you really are, and what colours you like, now go on and experiment to see what you’re favourite name/bubble colour combinations are.


You must have transferred VIP (or name-glows and bubble-glows) to access the glows. To transfer VIP or specific add-ons (such as just name-glow) then please click here.

Name colours/ Name glows.

If you have access to the name colours and name glows, you can now change the colour of your name-glow by using the !NG  (hex) (hex) command. Replace the first hexadecimal with the name glow, and the second hexadecimal with the name colour.

For example, !ng 555555 ffffff will get you this:


Or, alternatively, you could do !ng ffffff 555555, for example:


You also have access to the name-glow blur, so you can make your glow thick or very thin. Use the !ngblur command to do this:

For example:

!Ngblur 1 would be:


Or, !ngblur 5 would be:


You can view the full post about !ngblur here.

Bubble colour/ Bubble glows:

If you have access to the bubble colours and glows, you can change the colour of the text bubble and the content (hex) by using the !bc (hex) (hex) command/ Replace (hex) with the colour hex. The first hexadecimal is for the bubble colour and the second hexadecimal is used for the text colour.

For example, !bc 555555 ffffff will get you this:


Or, alternatively, !Bc 960482 382fff.

Here we begin the friends list and staff part of the review.

For almost 10 minutes, a user was begging for help from a moderator. However, the only moderator online (Izzy) was AFK. After ten minutes, the user was ddosed by the penguin he was reporting to Izzy about. Other users became concerned and instantly took screenshots for Izzy. After a long wait, Izzy finally banned the bad guy. All in all, Izzy was not very dedicated considering she left a user in need of help waiting. Izzy was extremely helpful in the end when she banned the penguin who was ddosing and harassing the user.

In addition to the amazing glows, hues, emote packs, and transformations, Mirai has the most advanced buddy list of 2016! The buddy list is located between the playercard button and igloo button on your task bar. From there, you will be able to see a list of your buddies with a picture of their penguin, the last time they were on (exactly from the minute!), and a find button without having to click their playercard. This easy-access buddy list advances your experience in enjoying Mirai with your friends.

CyberSwift's buddy list

This concludes the friends list and staff review part of Mirai. We hope you enjoyed this review as State, CyberWolf and I have worked very hard to bring you this content.

Credits: (in alphabetical order)
Camden – Emote packs and transformations
CyberSwift – Staff and advanced friends list
State – All of the glows

Once again thank you for reading,

– Camden
– CyberSwift
– State



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