Mirai: Register Now!

Hi guys,

A milestone has hit Mirai, register is now officially open.

SIGN UP NOW! http://mirai.so/join/

Here’s a caption from the register page:

Join Mirai early to claim your account and your free pre-release gift! Once you create your account, you will receive a surprise gift on the day that Mirai officially opens! Random users will be e-mailed an early access link to try out Mirai a bit earlier than everyone else. Be sure to check your e-mail often to see if you are allowed to access Mirai early.

Make sure you register now to reserve your username and gain a low ID. Also make sure to use a real email address, accounts with an invalid email will be removed from the database. Selected players will be randomly emailed a link of early access to Mirai‘s servers. You can also register an account on Mirai that contains 2-3 characters. Reserve your username(s) now!

Mirai has almost reached 1,000 registered users within 12 hours of register launch!

Register now!


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