Mirai: Prom makes a return!

Hi guys,

If you were an Oasis player, you may have been aware of the famous Oasis prom hosted on May 9 last year.

One month ago, a poll was run to all Mirai users, wanting to know if they wanted to see a Prom on Mirai. The results were astonishing, take a look:

prom results

Just over 900 players wanted to see a prom on Mirai, just like Oasis! The plans then begun of the Mirai Prom to take Oasis’ reigns and showcase all the beloved memories made last year. Although, due to Mirai’s closure in the next few days, the prom wasn’t planned to take place, until May 9 fell upon us.

It was decided that the prom rooms should be added as a memory to all who attended the prom last year. Mirai has added back all the prom rooms which featured on Oasis, on the exact date the prom took place last year, on May 9.

oasis prom
A memory from the 2015 Oasis prom.

The plan was settled, and now all users can enjoy the Oasis Prom rooms all the way up until Mirai closes on May 15. This will allow all users to experience the memories they had within the prom rooms on Oasis last year.

Let’s take a glimpse at all the prom rooms from Oasis. To begin, the prom is located at the Mine Shack on the map. Once at the Mine, you will notice the entrance to the prom.

prom 1

The purple carpet has been lined, flashing lights from the cameras and the beaming lights all bring our attention directly to wonder what’s inside. Hint: Try throwing a snowball while outside the prom and see what happens!



Purple & White confetti bombs! How cool is that? Now the party can really get started with a bang!

We’ve now wandered inside the prom, to the main dance floor. This is where the party begins!

prom 2

The purple theme is so vibrant! Within this room we see a lot going on, but the main reminder is to party the night away. Now we know you love throwing snowballs, so throw a snowball in this room and see what happens!


We just love spoiling things for you, that’s right you can throw big purple balloons at each other! First confetti, now balloons, the party supplies are certainly sorted for you!

You may also notice a purple vote icon in the bottom left corner. If you attended the Oasis prom, you may remember you could vote for Prom King, Queen & best dressed like this:


Although, as this prom is only for show, it has been replaced with the following message:


Although you cannot vote, the Prom is here to relive old memories before Mirai departs us forever.

You can also access the pool, to carry the after party throughout the night!

prom 3

.. or go for a swim.

The prom rooms also offers a reception area where you can go get a drink & something to eat, while listening to the DJ.

prom 4
That amazing purple waterfall has us in awe, it’s so peaceful to watch.

Last but not least, the Prom also offers a room to hangout and get ready for the Prom. If you have some last minute outfit changes or makeup to apply, you should stick to this room!

prom 5

Those brows need to be on fleek!

That brings us to the end of our showcase of the Prom rooms, whether you may have never seen them before, or been in the past, it’s a great memory for many and won’t last much longer.

Mirai has planned shutdown in 3 days. Within these last few days, the staff ask all users to enjoy the final moments of Mirai with your friends. The rules have been flexed allowing users to have fun & enjoy Mirai’s last few moments. You may continue to play Mirai up until it’s closure, and view the latest Farewell video, made by yours truly, below:

We also ask if you have any pictures taken on CP+, Oasis, Mirai, Summit or any other server created by Tybone10, that you send them in to [email protected] or visit us over at the Mirai Discord channel, where a submission channel is open, for them to be included in a future memorial video.

Also a friendly reminder, that all of Mirai’s features are currently free for all users to enjoy until closure on May 15.

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