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Hey everyone!

As you may know, Mirai has implemented brand new features that are yet again innovative! One of my favorites is the !ngblur option. If you have name glow, you can fan it out and make it adjustable to your needs! Listed below are instructions on how to use it.


!ngblur 1


!ngblur 2


!ngblur 3


!ngblur 4


!ngblur 5

Above are the commands to fan out your name glow as well as a visual for how it looks like. You don’t have to use full numbers either! You can do !ngblur 4.3 if you wanted to. This command is only available to users with name glow, however. If you had VIP on Oasis, you can transfer it over to Mirai and get all of the credit store features as well as 150,000 free credits.

Thank you!


mirai day final

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