Mirai.SO: Massive Updates

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The latest version of Mirai has been released with newly implemented features, changes, and bug fixes. Make sure your cache is cleared to view the updates and for them to run smoothly.

Multiplayer Games

Mirai has added two multiplayer games, Card Jitsu, and Sled Racing, both are fully functioning and rewarding players with credits whether they win or lose. Snowball has also undergone a change.

Card Jitsu

Card Jitsu is now on Mirai. Players can begin their journey to become a ninja by talking to Sensei in the Dojo and receiving their starter deck. Anyone can earn belts through strategic gameplay and progress into a ninja by challenging Sensei. Card Jitsu rewards 50 credits for a win and 25 for a loss.

Sled Racing

Sled racing is now available on the Ski Hill and all four runs are playable. Every player receives credits based on what place they finished the race in.

First – 50 Credits

Second – 40 Credits

Third – 30 Credits

Fourth – 20 Credits


Snowball is no longer on its own server and has merged with ‘Mirai’ server. It can be accessed via the Snowball entrance at the Ski Village and by the map. The Snowball Store has been relocated to the tools menu.


Snowball Entrance at Skil Village
Snowball Entrance at Skil Village
Snowball map location
Snowball map location


Mirai has updated their leaderboards which have and a fresh new look and includes all four multiplayer games: Snowball, Sled Racing, Find Four and Card Jitsu. Each leaderboard features the top 50 players along with their game stats. The leaderboard can be found here.

Penguin Moods

Penguin Moods have returned, some of them new to Mirai. Moods are available to all users for free, you can change your penguins mood by using the !Mood command followed by any number between 1-15.

Penguin Moods
Penguin moods and their IDs

Beak hue

All users that have item hue purchased can now change the hue of their beak and feet by going to the hue changer located in the Outfit Manager. Item hue is available for 40,000 credits in the credit store.

Beak hue in game
Beak hue in game


Hue changer
Hue changer

Furniture Tools

Mirai has released never before seen furniture tools and they’re free to all users. Selecting furniture placed in your igloo will bring up your furniture tools. There are quite a few tools that make editing your igloo an easy and custom experience.

Furniture tools
Furniture tools


Displays furniture ID.

X and Y Coordinates

You can view the X and Y coordinates of placed furniture, this allows you to accurately place furniture anywhere you want. This tool is especially useful for aligning furniture perfectly. Coordinates can be changed with arrows or by entering a number.


The hue of furniture can now be changed, this gives you an opportunity to customise furniture and make your igloo unique. Change the hue of furniture with arrows or by entering a number.


DuplicateAdding a large quantity of the same furniture is a quicker and easier experience, just press the green plus button to spawn a furniture duplicate.


DeleteEasily remove furniture from your igloo by pressing the red x button.

NPC Creator

The NPC Creator is another feature new to Mirai and allows users to simply create their own igloo bot. With the NPC Creator, you can dress, recolour and rename your bot and create a script that brings it to life. It can be bought for 25,000 credits in the credit store. Follow the guide below once you have purchased the NPC Creator.

NPC Creator Guide

  1. Visit your igloo, you will now see a pixel penguin icon, above your igloo settings.
  2. Before we decide on the actions the bot will perform, lets name and customize your bot. By default, you will see the Mirai bot, this is your NPC. Click on the Mirai bot.
  3. A menu will display showcasing several different options on ways you can customize your bot. Fill out these fields, as follows:

Nickname: What will you name your bot? It can almost be anything!
Color: This will be your bot’s skin color. Input a #hex code in the box.
Item IDs: You will be shown several different fields of item IDs, such as the Face, Body, Feet, Head, Neck & Hand. You can fill out these fields by imputing item IDs the bot will wear. Leave fields at 0 if you do not want that set category to have an item.
4. Once complete, press update & your bot will rejoin the room with the options you have updated it to.
5. It’s time to add actions, messages, emotes and more! Select the pixel penguin icon, above the igloo settings gear icon.
6. You will now see the NPC Creator window. On this, you will be prompted to select different events you can use. Here is each event defined:
Send Message: This will prompt the bot to input any message you desire it to say in the script. You also have the option to make it say the player name, to whoever joins the igloo, such as ‘Welcome to my Igloo, Michael!’. To do this, put the following on the part of the sentence you want it to say the penguin’s name: ~name
Move NPC: This option will allow you to move your bot around your igloo. Once selecting this event, your screen will have a green ring to wherever you move your mouse to. Select an area and it will automatically input the X and Y to where the bot will move to! You can press esc if you change your mind on moving your bot.
Send Emote: This option will allow you to select any emote you want the bot to use, from all available emotes that we have on Mirai.
Set Frame: This option will allow you to make your bot perform actions, such as wave, dance, sit, moonwalk and more. You will be prompted by a menu which will display the positions to choose from, use the arrows to switch actions.
Pause Script: Use this action to slow down the script. You can input a time on how long you want the script slowed down to. Please note, when adding each of the above events, you will have a checkbox you can tick to automatically pause the script until the event until the message/movement/emote is showing.
7. Choose the event you would like to add from the drop-down list, and click ‘Add Event’ to be able to edit it.
8. Once your script is complete, publish it & watch your igloo bot perform the tasks set!

NPC Creator
NPC Creator
Example of an NPC in action



 Find Players in room

Searching for a player in the room can be difficult at times Mirai has added a feature to make a player stand out so you save time and easily find a player. To find a player open the buddy list, navigate to ‘Users in room’ and hover over a name. The player will be outlined with a green glow.

Find Player

Another way to use !JR

An alternative way to use the !JR command has been implemented. Simply enter !JR + room name to join that room. Example: !JR Town


Mirai has a survey for users to take part in. Participating in the survey offers a credit reward, however, your survey responses must be valid. Keep in mind that how you answer will influence the amount of credits you’re rewarded.

Survey icon
Survey icon

Along with these above updates, you can views Mirai’s latest video from the ‘A Change Begins’ campaign. The video contains a visual approach of introducing Mirai’s latest features with Unlimited Possibilities!

That’s all for the update!





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