Mirai: Massive update on its way!


Welcome to the future, and it’s definitely the future of CPPS’ with what Mirai has planned.

Did you Know Mirai first originated in 2013? With many new features in a simple layout, it made the server incredibly popular & memorable by thousands of players across the globe!

Mirai the futuristic CPPS, has been developed with an essence of change. It’s a CPPS crafted and molded into a new form, not seen often. The server is built from the ground of the users mind, and is just about to get a whole lot bigger and better, through the structure of including what the users need in a server.

Mirai took to twitter to reveal a sneak peek on what they have been working on, which you can view below:


By the view, it shows that this could be a custom watermelon, recolored by hue, along with hue-toned over-sized sunglasses. But knowing Mirai, there will be a lot more than that, and what they have planned is a massive step in CPPS development. Although Speedy CPPSHQ are aware of the plans, we cannot reveal just yet on what this could be! What do you think it could be on it’s way? Let us know in the comments.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” – Walt Disney.  An incredibly inspiring quote featured on Mirai’s homepage, ever since the CPPS began in 2013!

Although we can’t reveal the exact plans, we can show you more exclusive images, strictly exclusive to Speedy CPPSHQ, featured below:
Screenshot_15Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13Screenshot_17











Mirai has soon after taken to twitter once again, revealing a release date for some massive updates!


From this tweet, it is further hinting that are more updates to come on Friday, and Speedy CPPSHQ can exclusively reveal that there will be a massive addition to igloos, stay tuned! With these updates, it is hinted that you should start saving up on credits. So it’s important to keep your game face on, on the Snowball Server!

If you are struggling on earning credits, and fear of missing out on these updates you can always purchase credits. Right now, Mirai has kicked off a limited time credit sale, ending on Wednesday. Below are the credit sale details:



We’re launching a HUGE update this Friday and to prepare for the cool, new features, users are encouraged to start saving their credits! If you would like to take advantage of our amazing credit sale, check out the details below!




Credits are on sale! Make sure to get them before the sale is over this Wednesday! When you purchase the 80,000 credit package for $7 USD, you get 100,000 credits! When you purchase the 100,000 credit package, you now get 150,000 credits! To get started, click here!

If you have ever contemplated on purchasing credits, now is the perfect time to, with a free bonus amount of credits with every purchase listed above. You can purchase credits & view the limited-time sale, here. Mirai is always adding new features to the store, so these credits will come in handy!

A further reminder, this update is planned to occur this coming Friday.
Visit Mirai here: http://mirai.so/



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