Mirai’s March Updates

Hello fellow penguins,

A new update for Mirai was just implemented recently. A whole ton of new features were added, and they will all be listed below as well as their purpose on the game!

Snowball Color + Menu


Did you miss using the Snowball Color feature? Well, we’ve added it back! Not only was it implemented once again, but the whole feature has a menu all for itself. Just hover your mouse over the snowball button and input your desired hex code to change the color of your snowballs!


The !sc command is still here too, don’t worry! You have an option to change the color via the snowball color menu or by the command. You can buy this feature for 15,000 credits in the credit store.

Single Player Game Credits

Do you ever find it difficult earning credits just on the Snowball game server? Do you ever get tired of playing the same game over and over just to earn credits? Well, you can now earn them by playing single player games! You can get a really good amount just for playing something like Hydro Hopper.


This is just for three simple levels of the game. Playing any single player game is fun to do in general when it comes to leisure time- and the fact that you can earn credits for it now is amazing!

Here are some examples of other single player games that I just played:




So many credits flying my way! 700+ credits were granted to me just for a few minutes of playing some fun games.

Find Four

Find Four is back! You can now challenge your friends once again in a very simple but competitive game.


Awesome! I can’t wait to play with everyone. If you didn’t notice by looking at the picture, the text of my username is more straightened out. The original font is a bit messy, but on Mirai it’s very neat.

What do you get if you win, lose, or spectate?

Winner – 50 credits

Loser – 25 credits

Spectator – 5 credits

Another interesting feature that goes along with Find Four is the new referee bot!


Whenever a game finishes, the referee gives the match information while blowing his whistle! Isn’t that so cool?

Item Hue

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your items to show off your unique style? Now you can! With the new item hue feature, you can change the color of any one of your items that you have on. Once you buy this feature in the credit store, open up your Outfit Manager. The button to edit your colors should be apparent at the top left.


Once you click on the pencil icon, this menu will come up-


A more visual example:

As you can see from my penguin, those colors are my type of aesthetic. I find it so cool that I am able to customize my clothes to my liking! Have a look around and change the colors of your items as well once you have the chance- it’s something that I’ve been doing and I’m drawn to the endless possibilities.



Here’s another example of someone else using the feature to their liking-


Thanks, Dallas!

Here are the differences between my outfit’s custom colors and the default colors-


Thanks, Sweeti!

You can buy this amazing feature for 50,000 credits in the credit store.

Custom YouTube ID Igloo Music

You can now play any music or audio you want in your igloo with this new feature! All you need to do is open your igloo tools and paste a YouTube link into the “YouTube video URL” text box.


I absolutely love this feature, as I can express myself through my favorite music! I always go to my igloo to change the song every once in a while.

You can also use this feature for other things!

Say you’re recording something or just wanting to hang out at your igloo with friends- you can either play music, a movie, or anything! YouTube has a lot of videos on it, and you can play any video’s audio in your igloo. This is such a cool feature!

Decompressing and watching TV in my igloo is a fun way to use this feature!

Staff Badges + Bot Badges

For staff members and bots, a little badge now appears to the left of their usernames.



Come to me for coffee!
Hey, want some pizza?

The type of badge that shows corresponds to the rank of the staff member or bot.

These updates are very interesting, and I’m drawn to each and every one of them! Make sure to say hi to me if you see me on Mirai.

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