Mirai: Introducing Igloo Settings

Hey penguins!

The team is excited to announce a brand new feature on Mirai. We would like to introduce you to Igloo Settings. This new feature now allows you to have greater control over your igloo, such as restricted joining, ban & kicking players from your igloo and a custom notification welcome message. Along with this new setting, you can also open your igloo and include it on the map.

If you are unable to view this update, clear your cache and re-login to the game.

To begin, login and visit your igloo. You can access these new settings by finding the gear icon which is featured on the bottom right of your screen, above the measuring tape icon for igloo editing, which will display a light blue menu. From these settings, you have different options you can edit and adjust. Below are a description and example of how to control these settings:

Join Notification – Enter a notification for players to see when they enter your igloo. Leave blank to disable. (Example: Welcome to my igloo!). This will display a blue notification featured on the top right of your screen when you join the igloo, which will display a custom message of your choosing.

Required Item ID – Enter an item ID that players must have to enter your igloo. Leave blank to disable. (Example: 221 – Black hoodie). The item selected will only allow players to join your igloo if they have that assigned item in their inventory.

Display my igloo on the map – This setting, if box checked, will feature your igloo on the map. Remember, if you do have the required Item ID setting on, only certain players can enter your igloo. Once all options are selected, make sure to save the settings for it to take effect.

The final two tabs are your ‘Players’ and ‘Banned Players’ settings. These settings are important for moderation within your igloo. To kick or ban a player, simply click on the ‘Players’ tab and select either icon, along with the confirmation. To ban a player, you are requried to input a reason on which the banned player will see and also select a ban duration (24 hours, 48 hours or forever ban). If you do decide to unban a player, navigate to the last tab which is ‘Banned Players’, where it will also display when the player is banned until. To unban the player, select them and confirm to unban.


In other updates, we have added bots to certain rooms. First originating from CP+, these ‘smart’ bots are here to keep you entertained and strives for attention! You can meet ‘Carla’ who works at the Coffee Shop, she loves to make coffee, make sure you use the coffee emote to show her that you would like to order a cup of coffee. Chef Luigi who we have flew all the way from Italy has made his home in the Pizza Parlor. He loves making pizza (and trust me, his pizza’s are delicious!). Call him by his full name and your pizza order, and he’ll come running to you, he also loves pictures, so make sure to use the pizza emote & even take a Mirai snapshot with him!

Finally, we have added a short survey which is featured at the top right side of your play screen, located next to the transformations icon. Help us make a difference to Mirai, by taking some time into filling out this survey. We appreciate all suggestions and feedback.




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