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Hi guys,

I’d like to introduce you all to something completely innovative and new within the CPPS community. The CPPS community is all about creating connections, meeting new people, and innovating interactions. So we have stumbled across a new way to tackle these goals, by extending what a CPPS offers, more intimately & safely into your lives.

Introducing Discord.

What is Discord?
Discord is a chat, with a difference. Nowadays, almost everyone has a Kik, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Xat etc account, which you would create and use to simply communicate with your other CPPS friends. With these platforms, especially Skype, there is some degree of danger you may face, with a person conducting an attack to gain personal data from you. This is where Discord is different. Imagine being cast into a massive group chat, where you can @mention other participants, share images & gifs, earn ranks, let loose on your favorite emotes & is moderated by a professional CPPS moderation team. You’ve arrived at Discord.

With Discord, there are endless possibilities! You can meet new friends which you may have never spoken to before, dwell deeper into conversations which you may have never been able to on CPPS’, interact and mess around with the useful bot, and create bonds with people which can then fix within your daily routine.

Now you understand the rundown on what this amazing social media platform offers, you can now see it in practice.

The Mirai staff have organised a Discord channel of their very own. This channel offers a wide range of extra facilities, which will help cater for out-of-hours, where a moderator may not be online.

Need to contact a moderator asap? Simply @mention a moderator in your message, and a moderator will receive a notification on their devices, to quickly solve your issue!

help 1

The team has also implemented several channels. We not only cater for English speakers, but if you speak Spanish, you can simply join the #mirai-espanol channel!

help 2

The team has also allocated a special channel for #announcements where you can catch all the important news, fast, which will be posted by the Mirai staff.

help 3

Along with the useful functions of this chat, there are many fun ways to enjoy your time on it. You can send a wide variety of emoji’s to choose from, along with extra fun add-on’s like sending gifs (to showcase your reaction) along with auto-embedding YouTube videos, screenshots and website information!

help 5

Along with the basic tools, a bot has been added to extend these features and offer a even larger range of things to do! You will never have an awkward silence, and will be kept engaged for hours on end. Plan a meetup on a CPPS, share your favorite YouTube video, show off some screenshots or engage in the latest news, this chat has you covered in all ways.


Discord has become one of the most easiest to use chats you could ever come across, and offers a mountain of features which is ever expanding, making this community connection within the chat, very strong.

There is a large variety of methods on how to access the chat. Making it available to be downloaded or just accessed via a web browser. Let’s walk you through the main methods of accessing discord.

1. Access via Web Browser

If you do not want to download Discord, or download it on your devices, and just want to use it as any average chat, you can by simply visiting a URL, and choosing a username. You will stay logged in under that username until your session expires, although you can easily create an account which can be used to login to the chat every time.

To access the chat, you can visit the following URL which will direct you to the chat: http://www.speedycppshq.com/miraichat/

white client

Once logged in, you can begin chatting away! If you plan on using the account, click on ‘Claim Account‘ at the top bar, and enter in a email address & password. Please make sure the email address is valid, you will use that to login.

2. Download Desktop Version

You can also download discord and have a desktop client (like how Skype has a client). The downloadable version allows you to receive push notifications, along with a whole range of extra features which the browser client doesn’t. Once logged into your account, simply click on the “+” on the left side pane, to join a server.


Once selected, enter in this URL in the join bar: https://discordapp.gg/0xO4tEabf2bjZYdq

3. Smart Phone or Tablet

If you’re planning to use Discord on a device, on how you would typically use Kik or Skype, you sure can!

Simply search ‘Discord’ on your app store, and download the free app. Or, you can find the download via the downloads section of their website: https://discordapp.com/download


Simply hit install, and the prompts are the same as the desktop client.

Once logged in, enter in this URL in the join bar: https://discordapp.gg/0xO4tEabf2bjZYdq 

Note: If you have already connected your account to the #mirai server on a computer, it will automatically show on your smart device.

Remember: You can stay logged on, on multiple devices, including on both your desktop and smart device!

You’re connected! Every time you access the app, desktop client or log in via your browser, you will be able to see the #Mirai chat, and be able to continue where you left off.

The chat has been in full function for the past two days, and near to 100 users have already taken the opportunity to try out this brand new chat, and are loving it! So much that Speedy CPPSHQ has grasped the idea, and sponsored it, offering easier custom URLs for access to this community chat.

The chat is split into ranks, with Staff who moderate the chat, and selected Helpers to assist anyone who is having issues in regards to the chat, or having difficulties on Mirai. The chat also offers a Bots rank which will feature a bot that anyone within the chat can access, the bot commands are extensive with many fun activities you can conduct!

You can customize the chat in a variety of methods, with certain aspects you can mute, customize the appearance to a light or dark look, add + private message friends, and even create your very own servers, which you can manage. All offline members will also even feature in the user list of the chat, so you can see who has access to the #mirai channel. The possibilities are endless!

The most important aspect that we find in this chat, and we love, is how safe & secure this is. Unlike Skype, nobody is able to gain any personal sensitive data from you, and is specially there to ensure your security at it’s finest. You can reject friend requests & even block people, just like any other social networking sites. If you like to have a voice call, you can easily setup a voice channel, although the #mirai chat has voice default as off, and may only be used at rare occasions, if enough demand of users wanting to join it.

An important aspect of this chat is how users can connect with one another. You can easily create bonds, talk to users you may have never spoken to before which can help improve relationships. Just alone, for the past day, I have personally witnessed new bonds form, and the creation of a much brighter communication method which can extend from a general CPPS.

The chat can feature almost any style of discussion. Even though it is a Mirai chat, you can talk about any CPPS you desire, or other things that don’t even relate to a CPPS! The rules are loose within the chat, and foundation rules are only set to protect everyone within the chat, so keep that discussion flowing!

The innovation made by the Mirai staff, is simply wanting to learn and engage more from our users. Creating bonds and friendships, along with having a sense of duty, to offer assistance to our users at almost every point of the day (yes even at 4am when you can’t sleep at night), there is usually someone always on the chat, so join in the discussion!

Quick Access: http://www.speedycppshq.com/miraichat/
You can share this above URL, which will redirect to the chat.

On the chat? Mention @michael, so I can get to know you better!

– Michael



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