MigrateCPPS: An Inside look

Hi speedy readers,

As you know MigrateCPPS is still under beta, but I am going to list some upcoming features and some sneak-peeks about the game.

It’s the beta town! Get the beta hat as fast as you can. It’s the first beta opening they are going to add more things soon!

Yes! A panel where you can buy things from store and change your glows. As you can see they are also planning party switcher for the CPPS which is pretty cool for an awesome CPPS’.

I’m going to list some upcoming features given by Rocket(The developer of Migrate) –

  1. Glow editor

  2. Party switcher

  3. Transformations

  4. Custom pm system

  5. Custom penguin hex code colors

  6. In-game item database

  7. Multiplayer games

  8. Item hue

  9. Playercard hue

Awesome! They’re planning a lot of upcoming features. My favourite ucpoming features are Playercard hue and the Custom pm system, what’s yours?

To visit MigrateCPPS visit this Link, however if you register you would need a beta key. They’re looking for 30 beta testers, if you want a beta key you’d have to contact Sentry the creator of MigrateCPPS at their Discord. You can visit this Post for more info about the beta release.

Once again the link is: https://migratecpps.com

The public beta might release on 21 July, but that is an estimate.




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