Matt’s CPPS – New In-Game Features!

Hello everyone,

Matt’s CPPS has come back at it with it’s great ability of uniqueness, and they have released a few new in-game features, all with the push of a few buttons! –

So many new features!

As you can see, there are several options. The options consist of a Powers Store, an outfit saver, credit transferring, item adding, power options, and account settings! Let’s look into the power options for the first part.

So many options yet none purchased 🙁

Holy moly! Whenever I click size, Herbert tells me not to, so I guess I will mess around with my glows. Let’s see how this plays out.

That looks pretty neat!

Size, blend, alpha, and speed seem to be a good plus too. They’re fun to mess around with whenever you’re bored! Anyway, let’s move on to the second option.

So this is the Power Store, where you can buy credits and refer people to join to get a free 100 credits. You can also buy credits via PayPal. Cool!

Wow! Good job, Matt’s CPPS!

The layout is very neat, so I have to hand it to them, they did an awesome job! Anyway, the options are self-explanatory, as I had already stated them above once before, so let us move on to the third choice.

Yay! Credit Transfer!

This option is pretty simple as well, if you have a friend in need of credits for something he or she wants to buy, and you want to be a nice sport and lend them some credits, you are able to! This tool makes all the difference and makes it so much easier for both the players.

What an easy way to add items!

Hey, that’s like nothing I’ve seen before! The fourth option displays a simple way to add items – if your commands to add items don’t work for some odd reason in the chat box, or if you just want to test it out, you can come over to the item adder and simply enter an ID of an item, a piece of furniture, or a stamp. After inserting an item ID, you can click Add, and it will say the item has been added to your inventory!

Got my pink chair! Haha.

I added myself ID number one – a piece of furniture, being a pink chair. How simple was that to do?

Moving on to the 5th option, this provides great use for myself, and many others –

I can finally be lazy and not manually add my clothes!

An outfit saver! Whatever you’re wearing, all you do is click Save, and it saves. When you don’t feel like manually adding your clothes, you can go to this awesome option, and click Wear! It works like a charm. You can simply click the X after clicking the Wear button. Hooray! No more manually adding one of your favorite outfits! As you can see, you can add up to 6. I think that’s enough anyway, no?

For the final in-game feature, we are shown this:

Hmm…I like this.

Here we have some simple account settings, which can provide a great use to some. Let’s say you want to change your password because maybe your old friend has access to your account, and they wanted to play your penguin, but you didn’t want them to. You don’t even need a staff to do this for you! Just insert your current password, and confirm your new passwords, and there you have it! Your password has changed. This can also come in handy for many people!

Well, I have to say it once more, good job Matt’s CPPS! You have impressed me once again. If you like the looks of this CPPS, then come on down! Matt’s CPPS is a CPPS you have to try. I promise you won’t regret it. They’re always updating and making the game the best it can be, so I recommend it, personally from me to you! If you plan on playing, maybe I’ll bump into you in-game. Don’t be afraid to stop by and talk to me!

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