Matt’s CPPS: Countdown

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago, Matt’s CPPS had announced that they had come to a closure. Now days later, it has been confirmed that they are coming back, and with a new project coming up! Yes, you heard correctly, they are coming back! If you check their Twitter feed, upon you will be a small glimpse of what you should be expecting during the Beta Release in September.

Wow, it reminds me of Discord!

To wrap it all up, they now have a countdown! If you go to the website, instead of finding a blank page, you will come across a countdown which will tell you the exact hour to the exact second of when the Beta Release will officially start–which from today will be happening in 68 days.

It hasn’t been confirmed if there will be any new updates or new releases. All we know is that small glimpse of a chat bar, so you’ll have to sit back and await the day they have their opening party. To remind you once again, Matt’s CPPS will be releasing on September. Sadly this is all that we know of what’s going to be happening around Matt’s CPPS. If you have any inquiries related to the CPPS, you are more than welcome to private message them on their Twitter at @MattsCPPS. Once again, we are glad to welcome another loving CPPS back into the community. Hope to see you guys at the Beta Release!



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