Matt’s CPPS review

Good, but not quite to outstanding.

MATT’s CPPS is a fairly new CPPS which first came out in late 2012, and then made a second appearance in 2015. Matt’s CPPS has some amazing features, bar the downfall of some features which will be discussed in this review.


Well designed.

Matt’s CPPS strong side is the modern design, which looks stunning, and really does intrigue users to play this CPPS. It’s neat and organised. Furthermore, there is a handy chat at the bottom of the CPPS, to talk about anything you’d like to. It’s nice to see a Christmas theme that link perfectly into CPPS.



The login screen is simple, just enter your credentials and you are good to go!

Clear and handy!

The manager does it’s job effectively, by showing you the necessary information when logging in. You can go to the ‘User Control’ to edit your password, or any bubble glows or texts. Some other features are the ‘MY VIP’ section, which shows the referral page, and if you refer 15 other people, you can successfully claim VIP!

New ways of getting VIP.

Custom items:


You can now get custom photo backgrounds which look amazing.

Here are some custom IDs to get you started!

Please be aware that this has been taken from another post, and full permission has been granted to copy this.

Purple/Pink Blended Hoodie99809 Blue Scarf99810 Purple Star Hoodie99811 Black & Gray Star Hoodie99812

Custom Backgrounds:

Pink Custom Background99901 Food & Drink Custom Background99902 Colorful Custom Background99903 Doughnut Custom Background99904
Troye Sivan Custom Background99905 Galaxy Custom Background99906 Pink Grid Custom Background99907 Lightning Custom Background99908


There has been many incidents where I was not so impressed with the staff, which has been quite a shame since they are very friendly.

Things that may need to be worked on:

I asked many simple questions but the moderators have answered it to a small degree of success.

Being professional is an issue, as vulgar language has been used between staff, which isn’t setting the best example.

There has also been some inappropriate backgrounds added:

Inappropriate and disappointing.


Summary: It is a good CPPS overall, but may need some work in some areas of the CPPS.

Design: 8.5/10
Friendliness: 6.5/10
Staff: 4/10

You can play this CPPS here

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